Is this true about Blair?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Birdie_Numnums, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. There was a story in the Melbourne Age newspaper today highlighting the 100th British soldier killed in Iraq and it mentioned that Tony Blair has not yet visited a single wounded British Serviceman since the Iraq conflict started. Is this true? I understand that Dr Reid had visited casualties recently and assumed that Blair had likewise. If he has not then this is a failure of leadership of the highest order. Say what you like about the shaved chimp, GW Bush regularly visits his military hospitals; no doubt one of the reasons he maintains good support from the ranks.

    If this is correct then Mr Bliar has not had the decency to show respect to the men and women who lay it on the line at his command. Since H Hour, 20th Mar 03 it has been:

  2. If this is true, which I do not doubt, this is the sort of article the scumbag journalists should be researching and questions asked etc...

    He has been allowed to get away with this one, no excuse for lack of interest here!
  3. I seem to remember that when the Heros' bodies were flown home in 2003 we didn't see the Blaiuuurrrrgh at Brize to pay its respects??? Unless of course i missed it.
  4. If the rumours are true that our p.m as not visted an injured soldier since the Iraq conflict started this is disgusting.

    Therefore, could someone please clarify if this is true?

    If this is the wrong information that the Aus press printed the article giving the wrong information
    they should make an apology and give a donation to the British soldiers fund

    Edited because writing in font size 24 is somewhat like writing on the screen in Crayon - something best left for window lickers!

  5. I'm fairly certain it's true! There was an article a couple of days ago that mentioned it too.

    Regardless of the fact that he's probably the last person they'd like to see, anyway, Mr. Blair has not made any effort to visit the wounded. Will look for the article.
  6. bet if Harry gets injured when he deploys, Blair'll be the first there

    good on im for wanting to go anyway, "lead by example". He's got my respect

  7. I do not believe he has visited wounded troops since one possible visit to Selly Oak after the end of Telic 1.

    Downing Street have consistently refused to provide a direct answer this question, which makes it clear that the answer is embarrasing. Moreover, they have tried to spin the impression that, away from the public glare, Blair flits from bedside to bedside, like a latter-day Florence Nightingale.,3604,1481709,00.html

    However, since John Reid annouced his visit to Headley Court, in a blaze of publicity designed to address criticisms that the MoD were suppressing the issue of wounded personnel, the attempt to claim that visits are being made in private is no longer credible.

    It is likely that Blair either does not wish to be photographed next to the wounded, in order to avoid negative publicity, or he simply cannot face them.
  8. Moreover, I do not believe that he has made any gesture towards the wounded, or families of the wounded or dead, other than a standard letter. Blair is happy to drag victorious cricketers and pop stars into Downing Street in a desperate attempt to grab the headlines. He is less keen to extend such a hand to those who have made real sacrifices - possibly because of a fear of bad PR, a fear of criticism from relatives, or simply because he feels unable to look them in the eye. Either way, it speaks volumes of his moral courage compared to the moral courage of those serving in Iraq, those who have families there, and particularly those who have to suffer the injuries or bear the losses.

    Now, John Reid may not be universally popular as SoS - implementing such policies, how could he be - but at least he has the character and courage to meet with the wounded at Headley Court.
  9. Are there any ex-casualties on ARRSE who can recall being visited by the grate one? You could be bandaged from head to foot, eyes covered but still feel his presence (crawling skin like)? Any hospital based medics can recall having to tug their forelock for the dementor?

    BLIARSIGHTREPS please; must include dates and was he accompanied by the 'wide mouthed frog'?
  10. Well he certainly visited the latest casualty - but only before he got killed.

    Given the breadth of arrse'e membership and the profile of this issue over the last year or two, I'd have expected to have had at least one "well, he visited one of our blokes" report.
  12. Well, if you want to find out, write to No. 10 under the Freedom of Information Act and ask how many times and when the PM has visited injured servicemen since the start of the war. If they have to tell you who Blair's dinner party guests are, they will have to tell you that as well.
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Given the number of his visits to hospitals which have ended in bad PR for him. Is it once or twice he's been shouted at by family members of patients about their poor treatment?

    I think he avoids hospitals and most health establishmnets in general as he and his Government are selling the NHS down the river.
  14. I think you're referring to electioneering (at election time) to a civhosp.
  15. I know Selly Oak and I do not think Bliar has ever been to visit casualties. Indeed there was a rocket up a few CO's Arrses a couple of years ago that guys sent back from Telic were not getting any visits from Regts/RHQs/Rear Parties etc. I do know however that Princess Anne paid a private visit to a friend of hers in the hospital, and then asked a civvie nurse if she could visit any soldeirs who were in-patients. So, with the nurse's directions, off went the Princess and said hi to some guy who was a little taken aback (as were most of the ward staff). It's the only time I can recall a unit having a Royal visit and only knowing about it after it had happened from a cleaner!!!