Is this too shocking to discuss on this forum?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bazzinho1977, May 21, 2010.

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  1. I personally have been amazed by the lack of interest from this board (although I may have missed it).

    So - is a minimum price per unit a good thing? Might it help drive people back to the pubs?
  2. Why don't they put a max price on a pint, or reduce the tax for pubs? I'm fed up with spending a fortune on the lash
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I thought that this sort of price control was illegal under EU law?

    Good old EU (Wait - did I just say that?)
  4. Tescos are not stupid, at the moment they sell only certain lines as loss leaders to get the punters in, with a fixed price per unit they would drop the price on all their booze lines,the cheap beer,cider and lager would rise in price but the more expensive stuff would probable come down causing more sales, they are in a win ,win situation
  5. The supermarkets raise the prices because the "Government say so". They continue to pay the suppliers the same price= more profit. Or is that too simple?
  6. I am just guesstimating here - but if a can of normal strength lager (2.2 units ish) costs £1, that works at at a bit over 40p per unit. A bottle of Vodka (containing what 20 units?) is a tenner - that is 50p per unit.

    The differentials aren't all that wide anyway, are they? If you made the minimum price 50p per unit, then they couldn't drop the value of voddie, but would have to raise the value of beer.

    Whatever the actual numbers are, it is possible to achieve a correct minimum price somewhere, isn't it?

  7. Try minesweeping, It will say you a ton of cash.
  8. It depends - the government could apply the minimum price at the suppliers, instead of at the retailers.
  9. I brew my own and then drink it in my sh*d crying and shouting at spiders.

    This is all a clever ConDem ploy.
    Traditionally, dope has been more expensive that booze.
    By putting the price of booze up, they are priming the market for the legallisation and taxation of hash.

    Look at the way Ant (Clegg) and Dec (Cameron) eyes were all weird when they emerged from number 10 on that first press conference.
    Did no-one see all the pizzas that were delivered later on?

    Let's face it, the only way out of this recession is to legalise everything (drugs, prostitution, murder, theft, etc) and then tax it.

    "Excuse me sir, could I see your rape licence please?"


    Minor spelling edit 'cos I'm obviously stoned.
  10. Sir,

    You are a wit. My warmest regards for brightening my Friday morning.

    Yours humbly,

  11. Much wailing from those who care about such things but Treasury does not give a rats, in fact have a contrary view: the more cheap swill Tesco etc shift as loss leaders, the more they get in Excise Duty.

    Same with road fuel: biggest loser from decline in sales of late thanks to more fuel efficient cars, less motors on road and high fuel cost is HM Treasury.
  12. Tesco could do this right away if they had social responsibility and wanted to. They currently sell booze at a price lower than they actually pay. They know they will make more money as the punter tops up their trolley with mixers, snacks and ready-meals.

    They do the same with some basics like milk. They want to get the government to do their dirty work because they will then squeeze the suppliers.
  13. Tescos are only spouting this shite cos they realise the party is over and we actually have a government who look like they are going to do something about it.Shame so many pubs have fallen by the wayside largely due to the farcial booze pricing in super markets.
  14. HOW DARE YOU! Are you saying that the market is not always the most appropriate mechanism for determining price? A plague on your house, you commie ba$tard.
  15. You can get a bottle of Tesco's Vodka/RUM for less than £8, thats a 70cl bottle with 26.3 units thats 30 pence a unit, some of their beers are going for as little as 12.1p per 100ml