Is this too long to a wait to re-enlist.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 1scot1234, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Greeting's

    I have an issue which has been ongoing for around a year & a half now.

    I enlisted & started my training with the Army in December 2008 , After a short time i got placed on what i was told would be 4 week's sick leave which turned out to be 5 month's ...

    After i got medically discharged , I had to wait a further 3 months to re-apply again , So i waited the 3 months started the application process again and about 2 months after starting it i just got my medical documents to fill out with my doctor.. why it took that long i have no idea , there wasn't anything to approve at that point.

    I then filled everything out and that took to the date of January 2010 , After another 6 months i got a call (finally) stating that my Fitness diary wasn't detailed enough that took 6 months to tell me that.

    I was also put in for the wrong job too ..but i "think" thats sorted..

    So i was giving another diary for the next 3 months.. but i made some calls and got it for the past 3 months as i just couldn't wait anymore , (as bordem & un-employment is killing me)

    So Now up to the date of June the 1st 2010 the diary is away.. and i am still waiting.........................

    And waiting............

    My main question is , Do you see this alot or is this normal??

    Thanks for your messages & help
  2. Pardon?

    The army are only takin 100 rejoins next year, not sure if you'll count as a rejoin but recruiting is pretty tight so what you have vomited onto the keyboard doesn't surprise me.
  3. We're a bit busy at the moment, can you call back in a couple of months?
  4. Serious Replies Only Please.
  5. Well its the longest i have waited in a long time.
  6. No cheese?
  7. What, the longest you've waited to rejoin? How odd. In any case, the army is doing pretty well, so well in fact that some ATRs have gone from 3 intakes a week to two half sized ones. Count yourself lucky you're getting a second look. Particularly if you're not pinch point.

  8. I guess Your right,

    But its taking forever , i mean they lost all my documents then they found them and all these months and going into years of waiting and placing alot of my time into the army , it just seemed odd to me, as it is clear that i want a career with them or i wouldn't have waited this long.

    It could just be my afco or adsc thats taking their time..

    But thanks for the help
  9. I shall repost when i hear anything back & let you guys know if i get an en-listment date..

    But i nearly drop dead with laughter when i say that word.. Date or enlistment.

    But anyway..
  10. Hi Guys ,

    I phoned On Friday There and asked if they heard anything back And they said my Medical was cleared which is one step , Now all I have to wait on is my 203 its self, But the Recruiter said phone back in about 2 weeks after looking at when my 203 was submitted,

    So here's hoping for a short wait !
  11. 1scot1234

    This does sound like an excessive amount of time. However, as some posters have noted the Army is almost full and I think some recruiters are taking their time because they have no trouble reaching their (small) targets. Anyway, keep chasing them and good luck.

  12. Cheers will do , its a shame really , its a job I loved when I was in it and i didn't want to leave on my own accord , I'd be there right now If i had the chance!

    Edit: I was reviewing other people with 203's that are just re-enlisting that weren't md'ed and they had a long wait too , so it goes to show there are others