Is this too far?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by edd1989, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. I work at a crappy shop and will continue doing so until I turn 18 and my A levels are done.
    I hate my job and all the staff are useless oxygen thieving b@stards who consider standing by a till all day "hard work".
    As you may have already deduced the place is full of knobbers.
    One of them, who for some unknown reason (apart from the fact he's a chav) uses every opportunity to insult and blame me for everything.
    That’s fine.
    So today I had the golden opportunity of finding his mobile in the staff room with no one around. I immediately consulted the nearest "hello" magazine or whatever those pieces of toilet paper are called and found a Gay chat/Meet gay's in your area.
    I swiftly subscribed him to the service.
    Looking back on it now, did I do the right thing?
  2. Yes.
    Next up phone a local funeral director, and give them your mates mums number, get them to phone her to arrange his ceremony. (just have the name of a local priest and church handy)

    You can get quite a fast turnaround time, and she'll be crying before he gets home from work.
  3. Outstanding edd!! After all you didn't steal anything from him,but you actually gave him something ! :D
    Besides,he deserves it coz he's a fooking chav. And i hate chavs!!
  4. Holy sh1t!!

    You are one crazy fool. How anyone (let alone a teenage civvy cnut like yourself) has the swingers to perform such a deed is beyond me.

    You'll be putting itching powder in his white Adidas disco daps next. :roll:

    You are undoubtedly worthy of all the afore mentioned abuse from your McDonalds colleague.

    Never join the army or I may have to kill you.
  5. I'm already getting it, they're giving me my 3rd star. They only have 2. muhaha
  6. Edd - you are a star - come near me or my phone and i will be a monstar and send you to that new star Pluto.

    Other then that... tee hee
  7. Following on call a local car breakers yard to tow his car away for scrap, the look on that Chav scum face when he sees it in a nice crushed metal box..Ha Ha..... :twisted:
    Or maybe plant some class A in his car / flat etc and give an tip off to the bill and that will get him a few nights down the precinct..Chav Fcuko!! :evil:

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  8. You sure did'nt just renew an old account of yours?What you did is nothing short of amateurish and immature.If you had any balls you should have violently "consulted" this individual and told him to feck off or else....

    You cant stoop to their level if you want to be better than them.

    If you cant be friends, inspire fear.Thats how wars are worn.

    An empty victory by any standards.
  9. You are going to feel so stupid when he gets calls back and is getting more cock than he knows what to do with and all you've got is your greasy big macs.
  10. He's got to start somewhere, and the old trick of signing your mortal enemy up to gay times/transformations etc is as good a place as any. Whats the point in wasting a good wind up on someone who won't realise it?
  11. Theres a meeting in my village about the chav problem about making the area safer after some old giffer twated one over the head outside his house. I personally would love to slot a few of them, was in the paper about them harrasing some bootys missus and he went and showed a few of them a 'lesson'.
  12. Will the chavs be represented at the meeting?Will you be allowed to take knives?Will you be allowed to wear steel toed boots?How about guns?Live ammo?Flame throwers?Immunity from prosecution?No?

    Then dont go.Not worth it. :cry:
  13. Get hishome address and order sex aids catalogues, shirt lifting aids and any readers digest offer. That will swamp him with junk mail for the rest of his life! If you get his mobile again, sign up to daily jokes, ringtones and tarot card readings!

    Relish in his exasperation!!!
  14. to right you did nice one fella.