is this thing any good or what??????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Badgerdog, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. hey, anybody know anything about the Berghaus Vulcan Bergan? I'm considering getting one. Legend has it that they are the bergan to have. I know about the sizes already, but I'm looking for any gen info about it before I open the wallet.....
  2. They WERE the dogs nuts way back when... the GS and SAS/PARA bergan were the only issue ones.

    Rumour is the PLCE is loosly basied on it.

    Now days, personally I would use the issue one, or if I really needed that bit more the medic version (with extra pouches on the side.)
  3. Pros? Cons?......
  4. its better built than the plce bergan but then it costs a lot more frame system is no more complex than the plce.
    Fine for military use but is not a quantum leap over a PlCE unlike in the old days any bergen was better than a large pack :twisted:

    civvy use fine if your going to disappear into the jungle for weeks at a time
    bit overkill for anything less

    civvy packs have a much better back design some from lowe make carry lots of weight almost easy and don't make you look like a squaddie
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The PLCE item was copied from the Berghaus Crusader, (the MoD/CQC avoiding any copyright/licencing costs by making a couple of small mods,) very popular bergan back then, but the Vulcan is levels above that.

    It's even better built than the Crusader, with a back that both ventilates and doesn't encourage bergan burn.
    Has an entry near the base and a drawstring shelf/separator so all your kit doesn't fall to the bottom after you've pulled your gonk bag out.

    Unfortunately I think it's only available in olive and as Brighton Hippy says, it'll make you look like a Tom.

    My personal opinion, having carried and/or been issued a kakhuisvol of different bergans, it's the most comfortable internal frame pack I've used to date.
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