Is this the worst piece of news reporting ever?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Read this while browsing the news on Google, I certainly wouldn't buy the awful rag. Apart from the terrible English and the fact that it appears to have been written by a ten year old it contains such howlers as:

    1. The Headline suggests that Tpr Stout was shot and the article states that this was an IED.
    2. 'members of the RMP's intelligence corps'
    3. 'Parachute Regiment's TA squadron'

    I know that civvy reporters can't all be experts on all things military and it was a Sunday morning but this was too serious a subject to publish such a bad article.

    Can anyone top this? I know the Sun and the Mail get stick on here but I don't recall anything quite as bad from them.
  2. For a tabloid, the story read well to me, all be it with the errors you point out. At least it's keeping the public in focus over the point that there is still an issue with equipment and folk are getting killed because of it, plus that our folk are doing a tough job while Brown looks a bigger knobber due to the lack of funding allocated by him as chancellor at the time that has contributed to the situation.

    The press calling APCs and motorised artillery "tanks" is my pet hate. :roll:
  3. The Mirror Group went out of the way to character assassinate the British Army during a volatile period of high operational tempo. The issue is not how bad their article was, it is why you are bothering to either buy it or "read a mate's copy"...

    Frankly the standard of military reporting in our newspapers is a real reflection of how integrated the armed forces are to UK society as a whole.
  4. Check my post Cuddles, first eight words at least.
  5. I don't think the issue is so much with him being a civvy but rather being a journalist who, as usual, just hasn't been bothered to go and check the facts. Sadly it is a common occurence these days because of the competitive nature of the media and the rush to get a story printed before anyone else. Every newspaper has been at fault and it is not just military stories.
  6. No, it's got to be refering to anything that floats that isn't an aircraft carrier as a 'battleship' :x
  7. This has got to be fairly close:

  8. Whos' the source? Obviously at taxi driver at H' who may have seen the boathouse from the main gate.....
  9. The standard of reporting in the Houses of Parliament is even worse; I heard someone there talking about the "Second Paratroop Regiment" the other day. Believe it or not, some of these people actually have authority over our national assets, as well.
  10. Not so much a story of the wort reporting, but on people who should know (a lot) better getting the details wrong. I was listening to the Radio 4 last week and heard an interview with the Defence Secretary when the subject of whether Gen Dannet had been blocked from promotion to CDS, a post which this senior politician variously referred to as the Chief of the Defence Services and the Chief of the Defence Forces among others.
  11. That someone was none other than the Prime Minister at his weekly press briefing. Speaks volumes
  12. It's a strong contender in the 'laziest researcher' category, but I'd say that the BBC's infamous reporting of the buildup to Goose Green still wins the overall award on grounds of conspicuous helpfulness to the wrong people at the wrong time in the wrong place.
  13. heard some stupid bint on bbc local radio on the way home from work refer to the royal Anglian regiment as the "Royal England Regiment" :x
  14. In which House do you sit?
  15. I know for a fact that you cannot see The Boathouse from the main gate.
    So please check your sources.Out