Is This The Way To Go?

I work for an agency which means work can be somewhat sporadic.

The situation I am in at present means that I'm spending £100 a week on fuel to get to work and back........never mind the wear and tear on the car - new tyres regularly etc.

I cannot register as self-employed to claw any expenses back from the Inland Revenue as I am classed as being employed as a 'Temporary Worker'.

The position I find myself in when there is no work available can be very stressful.
I have recently discovered that my house is worth far more that I my dilemma is -

Should I sell the house and with the profit buy another one that is cheaper and smaller and closer to where the work is thereby giving me a house, no mortgage and around £40-£50k in the bank, this means moving away from the area where I currently live and disrupting my 16 yr old son's college course - he could move in with his dad, however, I very much doubt he would do so ........


Stick with it, and continue to live in a large 3 bedroomed house that has a big garden that I have to pay someone to maintain cos I never seem to have time to get out there??
worked for while, got a chance of a more comfy choice stay where you are and sell only when market price start the drop, less profit maybe on sale but also smaller house cheaper..and kick teenager out any way.. :D
If you sell your house yes the equity is good however the prices are relative to what you will pay for one in a different area. And don't forget the rates are on the up and money will become slightly more expensive in the early part of this year.

Why not pull out SOME of the equity, and let out your property if its in an area you wish to return to, and allow someone else to pay for your house

In the meantime Buy a smaller house (with the small amount of equity as deposit) nearer to work, providing the work is consistant and regular.. remove the £100 expenses this will enable you to buy an £80k house purley on the money saved.

And I think that is my first sensible post....... :roll:

And should you need a handsome man to sort out a mortgage then I do know of chap 8)
The problem is MDN, is that I would prefer to have LESS bills rather than more as the work is not constant and I reckon I may have problems getting another mortgage at present.........

I do know someone who managed to persuade a lender to loan her £150k on the back of the contract she was on.
Turned t*ts up when the contracted ended and she had only a few hours work per week........this was in Oxford, I expect she's now living in a cardboard box.

Truth is, I don't really want a proper job ever again - I like the freedom and the huge paypacket when it's there.

I need to think seriously about what I'm going to do in the future.
I live in a lovely area of the UK, but that's about it...It's lovely, nothing here! :roll:

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