Is this the way to Cardiff??


Abdo said he had a "panic attack" and believed after the U-turn that he was genuinely driving in the right direction.
Even though all the other cars were going in the opposit direction :?

His wife Fatma, 38, had to be helped out of the car and was taken to Great Western Hospital for treatment for severe shock.
I'm not surprised, i imagine the car now needs a good valeting too :lol:
Bossy.... quite frankly I don't give a 6 penny fcuk about Ali Abdo, 68, originally from Yemen.... more importantly.... NICE BOOTS mmmmmmmmmm!
Coat please!
Good skills that man!

How did he do it?

An old duffer like that (68 and looks it) having a fit 38 year old wife.

I wonder what she was doing to him to make him do a "Dramatic U turn"?
Whatever it was certainly induced a brain fizzing panic attack :lol:
Howler...are you saying that you have had the joy of a brain fizzling panic attack whilst driving a young lady down the motorway? :wink:
qoute from artical:
"In court Abdo, who admitted the offences, was described as a nervous driver who had never driven on a motorway before. "

No s###!

I imagine his wife is an import/aranged marrage type thing, ...... or he is rich!

on a tangent, when are we going to see the rest of that outfit bossy?
- yours in frustrated suspense! :)
A few years ago, I saw a kn@ckered looking Volvo being driven by an Asian lady, with kids in the back, GOING THE WRONG WAY UP THE DUAL CARRAGEWAY along the A30 by the Crooked Billet near Staines.

I never knew what happened to her... only that my jaw hit the ground and has never fully recovered since!


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