Is this the way to Armadillo - RDG spoof

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by The_Hawk, May 17, 2005.

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  1. Just read a news report about the MoD computers being frozen yesterday due to so many of the MoD staff downloading the spoof version on Is this the way to Amarillo.

    From the BBC -

    "Troops in the Royal Dragoon Guards shot a home video at their Al Faw base of their version of the video sung by Tony Christie and mimed by Peter Kay.

    They e-mailed it to Army friends in London, but so many tried to download it that the MoD server could not cope.

    The MoD said the spoof was "brilliant" and the crash did not cause problems.

    A spokesman said: "The soldiers maintaining their morale on operations is always important.

    "The fact that it proved so popular in the office and caused the system to crash is unfortunate, but this did not affect operations and the system is up and running again."

    Has anyone got a copy or know where it can be found?
  2. I thought it was quite excellent !!!
  3. Hats off to RDG. Brilliant. And, never thought I'd say it, but same to MoD for showing a sense of humour....
  4. Sorry, out in sunnier locations....... bit behind the times.

    Is the above link working still? If not, does anyone else have a copy/link?
  5. Bomb_Doctor the original link isn't working - I think that Ghostie's site got overloaded by all of the traffic. This site has the video in lots of size/format options - Amarillo Video