Is This The Way To AGAI-Rillo???

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by ScaleyMong, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. -Hello all,

    Can someone please tell me the maximum amount of time that can pass between doing something a little bit naughty and finally being bummed for it under AGAI 67?

    Many thanks in advance all you lovely people

  2. Try being a bit more specific.
  3. It depends on what you're talking about.

    Under AGAI 67, no time-bar is given to the application of Minor or Major Sanctions for an offence in contravention of the Service Test. For Major Action involving Social Misconduct of a serious nature action may be taken years after the events in question - although time elapsed should be taken into account in reports and sanction. For Minor Sanctions, half of the point was to ensure that punishment followed offence more closely than in Summary Dealing. But, more accurately, it may be said that punishment should follow the discovery of the offence as closely as possible. Part of the joy of AGAI67 is that it can take into account the impact of an offence upon the unit as a whole and the reputation of the Army in general, so punishment can increase based upon perception as well as upon the nature of the offence.

    For complaints made under AGAI 70 (s.180 AA55), the limit is 3 months from the incident or - in the case of a series of incidents - from the last such incident within which a representation may be made without prejudice. After 3 months, a representation may still be made but it is the decision of the Receiving Officer as to whether an investigation should or should not follow the representation.

  4. Oh dear whats up, about to hit your 4th AGAI action?

    When minor now becomes major! :roll:
  5. Cheers for the info, looks like a blast from the past for me then! Best get me boots scrubbed up then!
  6. Ah ScaleyMong you must be 30 Sigs! AGAI-tastic. LOL.
  7. I missed a dental appointment and got reported for it to my ssm by the dental centre. My sgt. gave a bit of paper saying somehting like you are being agia'd (didn't really understand it). Then I went on a course for 10 days. Should I lay low and hope they forget about it er what d'you all think. Is it on any records or anything?
  8. Would of thought Mong was 7 sigs. 231 have their AGAI system tuned to that of a Formula 1 racing car

    But looking at the first post there is no way you are in 231. Would of taken seconds for you to be on 2 4 hour working weekends.
  9. Bit of a dick really aren't you. First off if you didn't really understand it then you should have asked for an explanation. That way, you would have known exactly what is in your last question. I reiterate.........DICK
  10. Been out for a while and in the process of getting back in so hadn't heard of AGAI 67 until recently. What's wrong with crating people for minor fluck-ups? :D Does that (or variants of it) still happen or is everything totally 'legalistic' these days?
  11. Yeah - all legal and above board these days unfortunately.

    Crate someone these days and you'll get treated like the Deepcut Serial Killer.
  12. "Crating" is an unofficial punishment. Hence, yes, it is illegal in a formal context. That doesn't mean it CAN'T be used, however, in an informal context.

    It is perfectly reasonable for an individual who is considered to have "let the team down" to offer to donate a crate/bottle/whatever to the team as a material form of apology. It is likewise perfectly reasonable for a commander to note this gesture of sincere remorse and to judge that no further sanction is therefore necessary as the offender has noted his/her error and has made steps to ensure he/she not repeat it.

    You see? It's all about how you phrase things.

    In an environment where all team members are mature professionals there should be little need to resort to Minor Sanctions. But they are an invaluable tool for those who are new to the Army ethos or for dealing with those who might otherwise present a "political" problem.

  13. Well watertight you absolute fcukin spunk stain I did ask for an explanation and they couldn't tell me. Anyway I wasn't wanting a response from a D1CK like you! Die
  14. 10 days for a original comeback.

  15. 10 days for a original comeback.

    I know but I was away.