Is this the UK we know and love?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boggy, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Rancid Bacon and Pork Sandwiches, PORK rinds and Cheese processed

    They are in Jail FFS
  2. A flask of curry - now we're talking!
  3. These fcukers really make my blood boil, 50p says the courts give them the money aswell just to be politically correct. In my opinion, they are prisoners if they dont like the food, which they should be greatfull for, then they can bloody starve!
  4. Nothing quite as satisfying as flying over Saudi munching on a bacon butty watching porn on the laptop! :D
  5. Ham sarnie + Muslim prisoners = detail.

    This is Blair's legacy, a country where it's more cost effective to sue the Public Servants who have to care for you because you cant/arent allowed to care for yourself than it is to actually provide any net worth to the country you live in.

    i don't give a toss that they are Muslim, the white/Christian scumbags in the next cell must be kicking themselves that they haven't got a similar income-stream lined up.

    National Service. Some bastard other than real soldiers to paint stones/railings, bull cannons/door handles and sweep parade grounds.

    I'll get my Victorian cape, shall I?
  6. Cnuts. Simple as. Let the bggers starve.

    Or couldn't they have just pointed out the error to the screws, who, more than likely would've gotten them a different sandwich?

  7. Well thats the logical solution there.... problem is the greedy fcukers are playing on that whole PCmadness thing knowing full well that they can probably make a whole lot of money
  8. Islam probably prohibits whatever landed them in the jail. Didn't stop them doing it. Let them eat pork.

    Maybe a stupid screw thought, muslims don't eat pork so I'll give them ham. If so, blame the education system.