Is this the saddest picture ever?

Does the tread incorporate the Para Regt capbadge?

Do green laces denote 3 Para dessies, or is he a lace walt?

Do wings on the right ankle denote Mortar Platoon?

Enquiring minds want to know.
That's on the left ankle.


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I posted on one of the other (either the wings tatoo or SFUB) thread
I went fro a pint with some airborne lads once
They had wings stiched onto everything
Baseball caps civvy jackets teeshirts the lot
When they were trying not to draw attention to themselves they stiched them on the inside of the stuff


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This will be the Red Bull dessie wellie then? Back on thread totally agree old-n-fat fecken sad.
Once, stood outside The Church necking a bottle of wine while dressed as a nun and wearing a pair of CABs, a passing para pointed out the errors of my ways with regard to persec, oblivious to the irony of the fact that he was part of a squad of 15 or so Para Regt rugby players, easily identifiable by their team sweatshirts (maroon, obviously). Paras just love advertising the fact, I suppose.

I passed my APWT with marksman standard; now that I'm out, if I were to sew the crossed rifles on my disco kit would I be an APWT walt?
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