Is this the road to BATUS?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HighlandR, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know how Units and/or the DPRC usually send people to BATUS; RAF or spread out over commercial flights? And a rough number of people that travel that travel out there a year?

    Long story short I'm doing a study on the expansion of Calgary airport to match the new A380 and I need to factor in the use by the army passing through to get to BATUS; especially if their likely to use the new Airbus in the future to do so.

    (on a side note: is MOD still buying the two Airbuses?)

  2. Buying an Airbus? I'm not sure the UK could afford a double-decker bus, never mind an airbus.
  3. (on a side note: is MOD still buying the two Airbuses?)


    If the MOD was going to buy a new Airbus I would presume it would be the A330 and not the A380. The A330 has been on the cards for some time as a replacment tanker/transport for VC10 and Tristar.

  4. Yes, they have been talking about getting some A330s (for a long time!).

    Meanwhile we turn up at Calgary in our aged Tristars and VC10s!

    Our coach driver back to the airport recently laughed and told us how he had spotted an elderly Tristar landing that morning ("hadn't seen one in years") and then we told him it's ours!!:oops:
  5. pah bloody crabs. There planes r crap. Why dont the MOD see sense and give the AT fleet to the army and rn, disband the crabs and merge them into the army? that way they woud see how things are done PROFFESSIONALLY
  6. WOW!

    Incorrect shouting!
  7. Incorrect spelling too!
  8. We flew to Calgary this year with a couple of contracted airlines. One was the classic OMNI air who used to fly us to Qatar en route to Iraq. That is for the exercising troops. The permanent staff trooping I believe has a number of seats allocated on regular civvie flights but you would need someone from BATUS to confirm that.
  9. Can I suggest that your study will be laughed at if it uses data gleaned from this website. Why not adopt a far more plausible approach and contact BATUS direct?
  10. Too true, profs don't usually like having forums listed in the references. Just wanted to know what I'm looking at before I start pestering people with emails, but if I can't find the data I'm look for I'll give them a shout.

    From what I've got so far it sounds like the numbers are significant - but the type of aircraft won't affect the runway, even if the A330 does come into service.

    Thanks for all the info guys! Although I'll be doing a lot more googling and keyboard bashing before I take it as fact!