Is This The Reality of the Mess!

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by DUC750Dark, Sep 15, 2004.

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  1. Presumably most personnel are relatively senior that watch this thread? Hopefully this is not an indication of how 'our' mess is going to be in the future, it appears to be one of the quietest threads going. As a relatively 20+ person i automaticaly assume that we are the ones that truly care about values and standards! All i see in here is whingers! :twisted:
  2. I think you'll find that most of the whingers are the "new model army" i.e gobby crows who want the mess to be an extension of the NAAFI with all it entails, such as alcho pops and baseball caps. The sort of person who grimaces when they taste a pint, in a pint glass and wish that it was a bottle of WKD and wonder why there's no hard core trance blasting out and would it be all right if they grabbed a few cyalumes from the store so they could give it some "big box, little box".
  3. Don' get me wrong i want away from the 70's shuffle that we allegedly do-why book 80's band for a modern Mess we do need to move on. We also need the young blood to maintain the institution and its values. Otherwise why not amalgamate the whole JOB!
  4. If you think a "typical " army mess is bad try an RAF one. The clientele are either 85 year old flight sergeants or 12 year old air crew. The bar is as popular as a muslim pig roast b-b-q. Just like cats return home to die, RAF SNCOs return to the mess, with their piss stained Farrars and grey plastic slip-ons to regale one and all with their tales of daring do ( usually centering around some technical repair on radar kit). Bunch of twa_ts the lot of them. Why they wear uniform I do not know, it's a civilian organisation with RAF in the title!
    By the way I'm army working for these strokers and it is without doubt the worst posting or tour I've had in 18 years. Disband them all - Easy jet could provide a more aggressive war fighting mob.
  5. Trying to change the standards and ways of the mess would be criminal! Most Battalions or units are run from the SNCO's mess and to try to change years of rules and tradition would be criminal!!!!! The SNCO's mess is a place to aspire to reach for every soldier and should be treated with the respect it deserves, it should be a place to go to get away from the big box little box culture, (if you want to dance about with cylumes i know plenty of ranges with large enough butts!!!), it should be place to go to have a sensible conversation rather than disscusing the top story in the Sun and the dress code should reflect that. If you want to wear football shirts and burberry caps backwards then REVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :!: [/quote]
  7. You're not a fan then? :wink:
  8. Ah Doorbundle Corby Pike now theres a place no it well had a few sporting lobs at night into there.
  9. Especially the ones who missed the stone sheep pens, fences, bogs, metal road, granite boulders........................I still wake up screaming :D
  10. Or BarryBuddeness where some lads ended up in the oggin with the PLPs full of stickies thatll learn em :oops: "Prepare for action"
  11. Where in the army are these people and how to you avoid them? Or at least spot tham so you can drive off to somewhere far, far away.
  12. Good idea. Now why don't you just keep driving.
  13. Don't look back.
  14. ...and you took time to write that? :D

    I have put down my sword, now bog off.