Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dale the snail, Oct 9, 2004.

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  1. Maybe we'll find out on 4th Dec, if they tip up! :wink:
  2. They are too scared.

    Scared of me and BBC!!!!!
  3. Great a tall brunette and a big boobed blonde!
    More competition, even if they do have d*cks! :roll:
  4. I was going to write something, but am too busy laughing!!!!
  5. Strewth can't we even say ducks now ?
  6. He's right you are a pair of howlers.
  7. Sez you, Mureen. Biggest Wankker on ARRSE!
  8. Video Evidence? 8O

    i'll just oink over here in the corner shall i?
  9. Soz BBC, why need evidence when Lardyarse has 3000+ posts of pure crap? He needs to get a life, or go on Ops or a long exercise. Learn what the 'real' Army gets up to. Poof.
  10. WTF !!!!!!! Talk about howlers :lol: :lol:
  11. now thats funny!

    Mr Dale, your reply please :lol:
  12. I can confirm that they are the real picks of Ms MDN and aunty. I have in my possession a collection of stills taken from a video session from a certain night out in Borobridge, the camera man being a B Black***d. after these pictures were taken, a quite bizarre act of transvestite bondage/clothes swap party took place. The med centre that week was a hive of activity with medics procuring large amounts of anusol and latex hygiene gloves.

    On another note, i concur, Dale and bbc are the farm yard equivilent of a serious tractor crash involving a threshing machine and a Massey Ferguson Reversible plough. Pure agricultural road kill.
  13. Okay Flash we're sorry!
    We didn't mean to leave you out!
    God I knew the breast surgery had been tough on you, but you have really become a bit of a b*tch since the hormones where upped!

    Here she/he is anyway.....

    Flash post upperhalf-op....

    Again flash, sorry! :roll: