Is this the last Corps Weekend of a crumbling RADC?

I thought the whole thing went rather well considering. Corps weekend is always enjoyable, chance to meet up with old mates. Parade rehearsal was a bit wet, but the function was rather good. Well done all!
Crumbling - no. It's all held together like a well pinned amalgam. Sure it is not ever going to get a gold crown but it will serve for as long as it is needed. I too thought it was pretty good. Sure we're a small corps and probably getting smaller. We just need to roll with that. The all ranks function was amazing. Instead of sniping on here ( not that there's a problem with it!), the Rep Col Comdt is actively seeking anyones thoughts on the subject. Don't stay anonymous, get scribbling. There's a lot of influencial RADC bods waiting to tell the big cheeses how it should be run in the future. Man up and speak up.

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