Is this the future?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. I read this article on Yahoo News a few days back, and while at first it seemed a bit comical, it got me thinkíng about these 'gated communities' and their impact on our future.

    Will this kind of thing only serve to increase the gap between rich and poor?

    Could gated communities like this become common in Europe as well?

    If so, what's life outside them going to be like?

  2. Yes it will incresase the gap between rich and poor, if they had such communities here and i could afford it i would jump at the chance. life already bad on the outside, to many dagerous people about, i will not let Little books (9yrs) play outside in the street as chances are he get beaten or stabbed just for looking at some chav the wrong way.

    Long gone are the days where people looked out for each other and you could leave your front door open, and see community bobbies about.
  3. yes it's called "Immigration", or EU
  4. I work in Slough and live in Windsor. Gated communities (though not as big as the one you linked to) are cropping up all over the place down here (particularly in Slough). They are not aimed at the super-rich here but rather the young proffesional market.

    It seems to me that people are losing faith in society at large and wanting to isolate themselves from it. Don't blame them TBH, our country does seem to be coming apart at the seams.
  5. All we need is our own gated community.

    ie one stretching from Lands End to John O'Groats, where scumbags and others who don't want to play by the rules get stamped on hard.
  6. too right now if we could only fence off france we would be laughing. Although the Berlin wall was a symbol of a crap system at least it had its advantages, like keeping the flow of immigrants from the east to a minimum 8O

    I see on the BBC news last night that at Cherborg the french even have the army deployed with customs and police trying to catch the 100+ to$$ers who try to sneak into UK most nights.

    Personally any fence keeping them out should be supplied with a minimum of 500,000 volts :twisted:
  7. Gated Communitites will only further add to this country's downfall - that much is obvious :(

    It typifies the attitude of the "loadsamoneys" from the City who don't care about/respect anyone else in society and have no community spirit - a typical "I'm alright, Jack" attitude:x They're the same type of people who walk by carrying their briefcase looking the other way while an old lady who's paid tax to "Great Britain" All her life get's the crap beaten out of her by a Romanian immigarnt who needs a few quid! :roll: Still, they won't have to suffer the upset of watching such crimes in their safe havens "behind the wire" :roll:

    Sectioning areas off from society will only create more divides - we should be pulling together and voting a Government in that actually LIKES the British people and respects OUR wishes. We need control of our borders and a police force that can actually do its job (protecting the law-abiding public).

    Our country is just too small an Island to keep allowing unlimited numbers of foreigners in - it's NOT about race, colour, creed, religion etc but about sheer numbers!! :x But you mention any concerns of that subject and you're instantly a "racist" :x :x :roll:

    We need to get a grip of the chav benefit-scrounging scum, get rid of all illegal immigrants, leave the EU, grow some balls then we wouldn't need gated communities! :x
  8. No, it's called 'a flexible labour market'. How are you to put down roots and develop a sense of community when you know you'll have to get on your bike and look for work at any moment?

    Chavs are a symptom of fragmenting communities - the nation started falling apart long before they came about, and this is as true of working folk as it is of the feckless layabouts.

    As for the gated communities, I doubt they'll be communities in any real sense. No 'leaving your door open' or 'knowing your neighbour's business'. They'll just be collections of dwellings where the owners come to escape from the outside world after work. Can't say as I blame 'em, either.
  9. Would you support a cap or quota for births?
  10. Not sure I exactly agree with you here.

    I bought a house on an estate that is ex-council. Most of the other houses are bought as well. The few, 3-4, that are not stand out like a sore thumb, also the people who live in them do.
    Now I dont want to generalise, but, when you have invested your own money into something, you tend to look after it a bit more.
    I am not saying that all council estates are crap etc. But maybe its the type of people who WANT to buy are different from the type of people who DONT/CANT buy.
    So now we are in a situation where there are people on this estate who we do not get on with and there are people who we do get on with, I am sure that there are other people in the same boat on other estates.

    What I would love to do is maybe try and get these people together with the same type of people, maybe we would ALL get on together a little more?
  11. We would not have to if we limited people entering.
  12. My bold. So you're saying...because i cant afford a mortgage here in Cornwall, where the average first time buyer needs at least 200k for a crappy little 2 bed place (if you're lucky) Im different from someone who was lucky enough to buy when house prices were affordable? Hmmm ok then...Ive never been unemployed in my life but that kinda puts me in the same boat as a dole dosser.

    And also you would like to put all the same type of people together....isnt that what is causing no-go areas in some cities...and posh upmarket Im better than you areas in other? Where in both cases, no-one gets on?
    Bit of thought please fella.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think that sums it up rather well. Sadly its a case of deregulation gone wrong, nobody predicted this fragmentation. Unless more is done by government to provide stability for the workforce it will continue and those with the means will take this avenue for their and their families wellbeing in an increasingly unpleasant society.
  14. As I said above, people atm are mixed in with others. No where did I mention prices. Its not about the prices, its about the attitude of people.
    What I meant was that there are estates like this all over UK. Its not about posh/upmarket, scum/downmarket.

  15. Segregation just promotes ghetto mentallities, and would make the problem worse. Communities should be a healthy mix of peoples. That is one of the things that keeps such communities together.

    As for Birth quotas and caps.

    Yep. Why not? They don't have to be as extreme as the Chinese methods, but financial incentives to only have two kids may work. We only have to replace ourselves, not duplicate ourselves many times over.

    Look at those on benefits who have knocked out 10 kids (there are more than a few of these families).

    Boom and Bust.

    Eventually the population boom will bust, the country/planet will not sustain us. In nature when this happens the species dies out to a more managable number (locusts for example).

    What will happen when resources start dwindling? Other than politics and religion what is the main cause of war?

    If the world population, and that is made up of the countries in teh world, continues to grow at the rate it is, then we are going to a dark place... fast.

    In this country, we will become overcrowded and civil disorder (a smaller form of war) will follow.

    If you have formed ghettos based on any grouping, race, age or have/have nots this violence will merely grow.

    note population going ballistic on the right.

    over the last 3 centuries.

    Off topic, but proof (if it twer needed) that world IQ does indeed go down. The predictionso f two classes of people (the intelligent and the mince) rising from the population are based on social and other factors.


    The Darwin Society are correct! Keeping stupid people alive really is affecting our gene pool.