Is this the end of the Liberal Dermocrat party?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, May 6, 2011.

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  1. All fit in a bus

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  2. All fit in a London cab

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  3. All fit in a Smart Car

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  4. Pass me the cycle clips Boris

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  1. Their raison d'etre, AV has been kicked into touch.

    They's been routed in the local elections.

    They've sold their soul to their followers hated enemy for a sniff of the Westminster trough.
  2. Perhaps they will further dilute and become Lib/Dem/Lab/Con/Green/etc.....
  3. They can hold their next party conference in Whet's front room, even with his fat corpulent body present.......
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  4. Unless something drastic happens in the next few years, they will remain and I will be voting for them. They have bounced back from worse, and afterall they are still in government.

    We could possibly see a change in leadership though.
  5. The **** will be asleep anyway.
  6. True, I didn't indicate he would be taking part, merely present. He utters more sensible words when he is snoring
  7. At least it'd then give him a genuine reason as to why he's completely unelectable, you know apart from being a utter dribbling twat.
  8. Beware of what you wish for! There are worse mongs than the Lib Dems.
  9. And those mongs are going to be taking turns ****ing up this country for the next 50 years at least
  10. It appears that around 70% of the electorate have decided that is the way things are...... Unfortunately its a democracy, and you have to go along with the majority's wishes no matter what your own views are.
  11. Except on EU referendums when you get to keep voting until you vote yes.;-P
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  12. Lib Dems have no-one else to blame but themselves, they went into to government with a party most of their supporters loath, have broken numerous manifesto pledges as part of that government and have now embarrassed themselves by pushing for an electoral reform that apparantly only a third of the public wanted. Clegg's deadweight but they're lacking either the quality of candidates or ones with balls big enough to challenge him.
  13. Unless you are in a major financier of the European experiment, living in islands to the west of Europe, where we get no referendum on any European matter, well not since 1975, where I was 3 days too young to vote :(
  14. They have a leader? (other than the conservative party)
  15. It won't be the end of them but they'll take a hit at the next general election. Wouldn't be suprised if they fractured along broadly Liberal (Orange Book) / SDP lines.