Is this the best way to respond to fake e-mails

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by doofuschap, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Posted here as didn't think any of the tech forums fitted, please move as necessary.

    Basically received an e-mail from the Halifax (I do bank with them) which was obviously Phishing but as always decided to follow the link (Norton didn't kick off on this occasion, it usually does).

    The 'website' wasn't even a half decent copy but put in my usual reply of 'fuck off you cant' as username and password but then (a new one to me) it takes me to reset my memorable data. Bingo all sorts of abuse I can send the thieving scumbag, so please see attached (never attached a file before so I hope it works) questions like telephone PIN?? even i don't know that so how the hell the Halifax will I've no idea.

    I know it will go no-where but it entertains me, and with any amount of luck some naughty sort will be giving their mum a strange look for a bit.

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  2. No It is not the best way to deal with them, but it is understandable for you to want to mess them up.
  3. To be fair I know I should just delete it but so far I don't see any real risk to me by doing this (maybe reveal my e-mail address as being a real one? Its a spare anyway) and (sad as I am) I do find it quite funny.
  4. The best way to respond is to ignore them. Now you have confirmed that your email address is live every scammer in Lagos will be beating a virtual path to your ip address.

    What a cruel reward for your wit.
  5. It's some years since I had trifle.
  6. That's the most unique and funny thing that I've ever had the priviledge to read on the internet. Honestly.

  7. You may find that they bombard you with E-mails now.
  8. There are no flies on you, are there.
  9. Most of these phishing e-mails originate from Nigeria and are referred to as 419 scams.

    A good chuckle can be found here: :: Album "The Trophy Room" the idea being to bait the idiots in posing with some bone statement...then you'll wire them the monies.
  10. I thought that phishing was completley different thing from the "419" scams.
  11. Thank hell for the fact I decided to read your post again, as I'd posted in the NAAFI was expecting a right slating, read your post and was about to thank you for being so complimentary, then re-read and decided to thank you anyway for living up to expectations.
  12. As I don't fancy opening a doc posted anonymously on a forum full of weirdos, anyone care to copy and paste its contents?
  13. Have tried but it doesn't seem to want to work, happy for any advice
  14. Kill yourself?
  15. Yes and no. What I wrote was a bit ambiguous. 419 is specifically the "give us your bank details and some money for your half of the 20million etc.". A lot of the other kinds of phishing is also from Nigeria.