Is this the best sandwich ever?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bigdumps, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. I think I may have made an important discovery.

    10 minutes ago, felish peckish, I eyed 2 rashers of bacon, 1 egg and 1 potato farl and a loaf of uncut bread.

    I made a huge doorstep sandwich consistong of above items, topped with tobasco sauce.

    have I just invented the best sandwich?
  2. Crusty bread with bacon, sausage, baked beans, fried egg and spicy bbq sauce. By far the best and guarenteed to keep you running for the day.
  3. NO - Tabasco sauce is SHITE

    Try the one on the left - gauranteed < mong spelling ? to burn your ring piece at your next dump.

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  4. Concur.

    Best sandwich* has to be either a)bacon sarnie,on brown bread,with a liberal amount of red sauce.
    b)cheddar cheese & branston pickle on white or brown.
    c) salad cream on white bread (try it).
    d) turkey,cranberry and stuffing.

    *Not including the beloved 'Ovum fidicula pelliculata' :D
  5. you are overcomplicating things

    unsliced white crusty bread + a fried egg + some ham + Ketchup = A damn fine sandwich ready in minutes
  6. you can't beat a fish finger and mayo sandwich. Got to be battered fingers though, bread crumbs are just not the same.
  7. The best sandwich ever? Me between the Minogue sisters.
  8. What about the Egg Banjo, complete with greasy hand prints?
  9. Why the hate on tobasco? Actually, thinking back on it... Lee and Perrins would have been better.
  10. Sorry but you just cannot beat Ham and cheese. It is the fundamental essence of every sandwich! The principle of Diary (fat) and meat (Protein) is renown all over the world. It is the staple diet of every soldier’s havvy dog box, as they march on their stomach!

    You can have substitutes of brie and bacon, Parma ham and gorgonzola, chicken and mayo even egg mayo. But the fact of the matter is that you just can’t beat HAM AND CHEESE……..! I thank you.
  11. White crusty loaf (not sliced)
    salted butter (not marge)
    Extra strong farmhouse cheddar (from Somerset)
    Pickled beetroot (Baxters)
    Mayonaise (hellmans, not the light stuff)

    And a couple of decent pints of ale.
  12. a curry chip buttie

    a local chip shop had this creation balanced with chunky chips, curry sauce batter in a bap, fantastic

    however if your making your own

    sausage egg mushroom with doorstep bread (for breakfast) egg has to be runny and lashings of TK

    failing that traditional egg banjo
  13. Sounds good, with this ale? Actually, as a fat, greedy bastard I would have that sandwich AND a pork pie with wholegrain mustard and my favourite ale

  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Opposite Wigan station is a bakery that does Pie barms, now add gravy peas and chips and its a cracking barm cake!
    Caution it does burn your kyte and fingers but its to be experienced!
  15. Bacon sasuage egg black pudding and beans in a large white bap with salt pepper and brown sauce.Now thats a sarnie