Is this the best Blackwater (Xe) can hire?

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. No wonder they are having problems.

  2. Meh, 2 out of how many operatives?

    And its a Myth that they only hire SF/SEAL types, it depends on the need.
  3. I know but geez these 2 were scumbags.
  4. well in that case, your post is obviously balls?

    'is this the best Blackwater can hire' - then you admit it was just 2 scumbags...

    There were 3 British Army scumbags who got caught up in a bit of trouble in Cyprus in 1994 with a spade. Is that the best the British Army can hire?

    Thought not.
  5. I met one Blackwater guy a few years ago who came to speak at a conference. He was ex-LAPD and was a long-serving member of the unit known as Rampart CRASH. He felt compelled to state that he retired from the LAPD "of his own volition" in 1999.

    For anyone whose memory is hazy or just doesn't know the story of Rampart CRASH:
  6. Agreed , no need for exclusive SF in these roles, a lot ofwhich consist of convoy protection, etc. However, when overseas contracts were rarer, selection for these jobs was pretty rigourous. In the aftermath of GW2 and then Afghanistan, to a lesser extent, these numerous companies needed boots on the ground. Some companies in Iraq had civvy doorstaff working for them! Some of the more selective companies required over 5 years service and 2 op tours. This varied from company to company, but so many contracts were floating around that plenty appeared to skip any sort of in-depth interviews.
  7. Nail on the head, bad press accounts for the majority of this firms perceived failings.

    One of their teams was hit half a mile from us just outside the centre of Balad, contrary to popular belief they reacted to contact accordingly, ex-filled and made good their route out, on a packed market day in that sh*thole it was no mean feat, met a few, good and bad same as every other outfit.
    I dont know, you brass up a couple of minibuses and the odd nipper and everyone throws a benny ?! :D
  8. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Dishwater were always going to get a lot of attention after the bridge in Fallujah.

    Trouble with that incident, as seems to be a common issue with reporting, is that not all the facts made it into the public domain.

    I should imagine not all the facts about what a lot of companies got up to will ever come out.
  9. If I understood your post I would try to respond.
  10. One would think with the salaries reportedly being paid (due in large part to the largesse of the US), they could at least raise their standard to require an honorable discharge from veterans.

    That was my only point in this post-it is not an indictment of all PMCs but I just find it incredible that they would hire such people in the first place.