Is this the Beginning or the End?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jip Travolta, Apr 10, 2003.

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  1. So, with this conflict more or less over, do we think that other 'potentially dangerous' nations will now have their necks fully wound-in?


    Do we think that the relatively rapid success of this campaign has set a dangerous precedent and instilled a beligerent over-confidence in the US and UK and their capabilities?

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  3. They will think twice. Undemocratic countries will now think that unless they are popular at home, then an uprising is always possible !

    Yes as far as the US is concerned. I do not think that the US electorate will stand for another conflict for the next 3 or so years. Iraq certainly will give the US forces back the confidence they lost over Somalia.
  4. It's not the end. far from it. Watched a lot of pictures of the local "yoofs" and assorted ratboys getting their looting in. They are the same sort of faces, i've seen in other parts of the world, in immediate post-conflict situations. By seen, I mean personally.

    There will be continued fighting, and like it or not, journalists or not, we're going to have to get very tough with the locals. If we don't start imposing a rule of law, Iraq will slide into anarchy, and the next stop is civil war. I made this point some time ago, vis Tito and Yugoslavia. The difference is, we're on the ground, but very soon, with all the religous intolerance and centuries old scores that need settling , we're going to see some serious bloodletting.

    Actually, it's already started, with the assasination today, of a liberal moslem cleric, who we announced as the leader of Najaf. Unfortunately, some of the locals, didn't like our first choice, and gave him a steel-jacketed P45. An American Captain was asked today, what his troops were going to do about stopping looting and lawlessness. His answer? Nothing , it's not our job, we're soldiers. . Guess what Cousin, it's the 21st Century, and that tunic of yours, buttons up over a lot of responsibilities, not just shooting the other team.

    The Americans ran into what can only be termed as "Determined, resolute and effective" opposition today. Some troops were describing it as the worst firefight they had been in since the war began, and they know there's more of it to come. The pictures we saw yesterday, of happy Iraqis welcoming the US in with open arms... let's guess how many of those were the shia Muslims that Saddam had been persecuting, as opposed to the general population

    Ramillies, I agree with you about the Americans not standing for another war for a few years. They're about to find out the true costs of this one. Over a 150 US Military dead so far, Iraq owes $383 BILLION Dollars to the world community, with a GDP of only $25 Billion.I guess we liberated them, but they're going to be very very poor for some time to come. Still, the shareholders of all those American companies with their noses in the trough getting their pre-election favours returned, should see an increase in their dividends.

    Where are the WMD's? Bags of weapons getting found all over the place, but no ready bins of 105mm Nasties, or the odd dodgy petri dish. Still I expect they'll get discovered very very soon.

    Sorry, very tired, very angry.