Is this the beginning of the end for G4S

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Seems that G4S are losing contracts for prisons, is this a good thing or a bad thing. Should prisons be under the control of the Government?

    G4S linky
  2. Private prisons are often badly run, poorly staffed and security is poor, the govt doesn't care much about prison officers, imagine what private companies are like?
    I notice HMP ALtcourse is also on their list, John Hudson the dentist defrauded them out of a lot of money, so that's another contract they were badly managing.
  3. I think you'll find private prisons ARE under Government's jurisdiction. There are standards privatised prisons must adhere to, they are inspected regularly by government....Inspectors of Prisons and their staff. I'm not a fan of privatised prisons - especially those whose contracts were awarded to the lowest bidder. There were some nightmares in the world of privatized Corrections when the USA first started awarding contracts.
    Frankly after their epic Olympic fail I wouldn't award G4S contracts as school crossing guards (are they still called 'Lollypop' men in the UK)?
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  4. Private sector prisons are visited routinely by the NOMS operational directors/senior managers and held to account in exactly the same way as public sector prisons are. That said HMP Wolds has been under the cosh for a while regarding their standards. One would have thought that given the higher salaries paid to private sector governors they'd attract a higher calibre of candidate but often they put the malcontents and those who aren't cutting it in the public sector into post instead.
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  5. G4S lost the tender for Patient Transport Services in Surrey in September this year
    Our Foundation Trust won it
  6. It's like tender 'runaround' they'll gain others, water off a ducks back and nobody cares if they're useless unless something goes wrong. It's then left to the 'No stone left unturned' dept to arrange its forgotten about.

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  7. It`s a pity they won the MOJ contract.
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  8. This won't be the end of G4S; they are a massive global company with fingers in many pies. They have a reputation as a good service provider. Yes, they got the Olympics wrong, but I reckon they were, to an extent, set up for a fall. Their mistake was hiding the fact that they were not meeting their deliverables. So their share price took a bit of a hit, but nothing too untoward. Losing Wolds has also kicked share price bit, but, again, nothing spectacular. They will still post a profit this year. No doubt a people have lost their jobs over both; industry doesn't retain failures.

    I've been reading that G4S losing Wolds is about ministers punishing them for the Olympic debacle. Frankly, its bollocks. If the decision not to re-let to G4S was taken decision on the basis of their performance on another, totally unrelated contract, then they would have every reason to seek a judicial review. If there was any bias against them as a result of the Olympian Issues, they would, at the very least, be compensated for their bid costs. European law requires bids to be treated fairly and equally, without pre-conceived bias. I have enough experience of public sector tendering to be confident that these big contract are fairly tendered and that bid that best fitted the tender assessment criteria won. That doesn't mean contractor won though; bids have to be measured impartially against common assessment criteria.

    Companies bid these things only if they have a realistic chance of winning. It costs a fortune to produce a bid for a major public sector contract; most bidders on this one will have blown a million quid bidding. Across industry, you are lucky to win one out of three contracts that they tender for, so these boys take bid / no-bid decisions very seriously. Although there is a perceived advantage for the incumbent contractor on service contract re-lets in reality, they are just another bidder and most long term service contracts roll over at tender. If they didn't, why would anyone spend hard earned shareholders' money bidding something they have little chance of winning?
  9. Seems like time for G4S to do a rebranding exercise, or else they are royally stuffed. Would you do business with them?
  10. David Cameron's government recruit Billy Smarts Circus or should that be the other way round.

    Not a second thought for those returning or deploying to Afghanistan. Crap!
  11. Just curious, but whats that got to do with G4S?
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  12. G4S just rename to The Security Group (or similar).

    and carry on normal jogging.
  13. Yup thats about it. It will then cost them millions to get a geeky kid in to blue sky think his way out of the crapfest that is G4S