Is this the B_B you have all been talking about?.

You really should have posted a NSFW warning with that link! :evil:

I NEVER want to see something like that again!
Cherry said:
godess, i am appalled by your suggestion!. B_B has neither my style nor grace, nor my stunningly good looks!! :wink: :lol:
Anything above a maggot is better looking than BB.

(Dictated via mobile)

Yours, the slug x
Cherry said:
Dale the snail,quit telling porkies, im sure she/it/thing/whatever aint that pretty. I have seen the piccy. :twisted:
The Slug never lies.

BB is a big fat heifer.

Apparently so am I. But hey - like I care. Baddass, you are a hunny. Mwah.

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