Is this Sorcery?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Carlos_Sanchez_IX, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. I play guitar, there, I said it.

    I learned early on that being able to play every Nirvana and Pearl Jam tune at 15 years old, the whole songs, inside out and front to back, dropped some ***** knicker elastic faster than the production of a scream mask and a well placed Stanley Knife.

    Have always been pretty good and can **** about all day and not get bored and my reportoire switches from half decent Hendrix to The Stooges and a bit of Weller inbetween. All good.

    Drums? Not bad either, bit dodgy but can hammer and pound them, at least well enough to take part in the odd bit of jamming with some like minded mates.

    However, I have spent all night in a house that has a piano. I ignored it for a couple of hours but decided to have a little **** about whilst everyone was leathered and found that I could work out some very basic composition, I very very loosely understood the rudimentary basics of what went where and what effect one hand had on the other and I've never touched a piano/organ/keyboard. Please understand I 'plink and plonked' on it quite shabbily but like I said, I sort of understood and could feel my way through a progression?

    Now before I spunk cash on a piano and a load of lessons has anyone come across this before? Is there any cross correlation between certain instruments? (and more ******* importantly! any of you piano players know how long it would take me to learn this belter Paul Weller - Invisible - Live at the BBC - FULL Orchestra - YouTube ????)
  2. A few weeks if you just want to "hammer the right keys in the right order". A couple of years to play it like he does.

    Anyway, I have a piano for sale. 2K and it's yours. Don't need it anymore since I have a massive grand piano :)
  3. Buy one of those Casio keyboards. They're the choice of professionals.

    You don't play the pink oboe by any chance?
  4. Have tasted another mans cock once or twice, purely for the enjoyment of others mind !
  5. Hi Stanley long time no see howzit?
  6. Well if you continue felating large hairy men your piano skills will improve markedly. It worked for Elton John and Peter Allen.

    You know it makes sense...
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  7. Send me a phot.
  8. Carlos... Are you my long lost twin or a fellow product of a fine era of music?
  9. I play the synthesiser and guitar, there is a connection.Im shit at both

    Badumtish.......ooh drums as well:p
  10. Of the piano? :?
  11. No, of your lasses anus swallowing a West Indians pole.
  12. I can pootle about on most instruments playing by ear, pretty good at piano and flute, or once I've figured out which note is where follow a proper page of music - but guitar? Still ******* baffles me... I got an acoustic guitar for christmas 1995ish and a bert wheedon's play in a day book. Play in a day? 17 odd years later I still can't play anything - my tight parents expected me to be able to learn from the book so I didn't get lessons but the music on the page wasn't the same as I'd been taught in music, no treble clefs no semi quavers, just curious dots on a page?

    Some people just take to things better than others I think. I'm starting a guitar course this september though so fingers crossed I'll be able to play it soon!
  13. I've played piano and recorder well enough to grace the Albert Hall and Royal festival hall with my incompetent presence, and definitely could relate things i learnt separately on the two instruments to the other. I'm most certainly not musically gifted, but just from learning the recorder and piano young, it makes it so much easier to pick up other instruments and get to a average standard sharpish.

    You never know, you might just have a knack for it or using what you learnt on the guitar to the piano... as for buying a piano, if you live around Kent I've got a lovely old girl that needs getting rid of for a few quid so you'd be doing me a favor if you wanted it!
  14. Some people just take to things better than others I think. I'm starting a guitar course this september though so fingers crossed I'll be able to play it soon![/QUOTE]

    That's where you've been going wrong Boozy. Don't cross yer fingers when your playing.
  15. Only thing that will help you with guitar is time. Loads of it. Learn your basic chords and a couple of scales then put a couple of hours in a day.