Is this right??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SaturN, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, I've done my barb test, and my basic skills test a couple of weeks ago, and did my interview on the same day.. All good was told that I would see him again to do a PDA?? (Think this was right, a run with him basically) and another chat.. And discuss my final job choices.
    The thing is, I have not yet been in to see him again, but he's called me up saying that I go to selection next week (28th), now, I don't know where I am going for selection (not discussed this either) and my job choices... Well... I ain't sure whats gone on with them, All I know is Paras is my first, Reg Inf is my second, but I think he has put down Dukes of Lancasters for the Regiment, and I actually wanted The Rifles?
    I have not received any job briefs that I have heard people talking about either!! I do see him on Tuesday 2 days before I go, Would I get everything sorted with him then?
    sorry for long post, and cheers for any replys
  2. Your recruiter is crap.
  3. Phone your ACIO or even better go in and tell them your problems, they will be more than happy to help.

    At my ACIO they have like a secretary that sat down with me and was very helpful.
  4. All well and good, but he ain't in till Tuesday, which is when I will see him anyway.. So sounds like I'll just wait and tell him then; No problems, cheers.
    Also, Is there a "kit list" of what to take to selection? I might aswell ask here so I've got an idea

    Also; They don't have a secretary. So I'll just discuss it with him.
    Thanks guys

    EDIT: Because I put "cheers" at the end of every sentence!!! :?
  5. Wow your recruiters great. wish mine was that fast. dont worry about your job choise to much because you can change it if you want just after selection. Kit list - Smart clothes (suited and booted) pt kit and running shoes. :)
  6. Yeah quick; But missing minor details :p
  7. How did you do the interview if you havent been given job briefs? I thought they questioned you on your knowledge of the job briefs? :?
  8. This is what I cannot understand!!!!!
    It all does not seem as it is meant!! He basically asked me about me, my family, my work, school life, sports, things like that, and other little bits and pieces, but he said it was an interview!! he also said that I was too have an interview with his boss, but that ain't never happened either!!!!
    I'm not sure wth is going on, I'm getting the feeling I might turn up to selection and be told I ain't meant to be there!!!!! :p

    In a bit of self preparation; I have found this Para: Job Brief is this the same as I would have been given to learn? Is it best to know it inside out? Or would certain areas of that be concentrated on?
  9. The only people who could give you the correct answer on this would be your recruiters at the ACIO rather than speculation on here. I have a few doubts that you are going to ADSC for your recruit selection at this stage (are you sure its not a Look at life or pre recruit selection your going on.

    I always put my applicants through to my Senior Recruiter prior to ADSC as there used to have to be a recruiters interview followed by confirmatory interview on the SSR (soldiers selection record). As well i definately wouldnt send an applicant down if he wasnt 100% confident with his job briefs and run times.

    Once you have passed your confirmatory interview and got your dates for ADSC you are then called in before hand to get your train warrant, joining instructions and I used to get my applicants to watch the ADSC DVD again and practice ice breakers etc if required.

    As said speak to your recruiter, things may of changed in the last 2 or 3 years, but if you feel that your not ready if it is definately ADSC let him know as he can postpone it till your ready. In the long run it can help to delay as if your not properly prepared then you would get deferred for a long period of time.
  10. Was selection and I passed. :) Cheers for the replies though.
    Anyone who is going to ADSC Glencorse, It's brilliant, get stuck in and you'll love it! Especially the team tasks, and the run, very important! :)
  11. Well done mate ........ Feels good dosent it.
  12. Not bad at all mate ;)
    Just can't wait to get in to Basic now!!
  13. You get para?
  14. :cry: Nope, seconds off the time!!
    My own fault so it's tough sh!t really!! Hopefully I can transfer after a year or two!!
  15. ahh sorry about your para selection mate.

    Good luck with basic