Is this right?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arters, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. I have been into my Local Town today and was astounded
    at the amount of Police there, hundreds, mounted as well.

    On questioning one of our finest, it appears that there was
    supposed to be an EDL meeting/rally in the Town Centre but
    Plod had decided to Pen them into the Station Car Park,
    offski I goes to the Stn. for a look see, on the way I saw
    a hundred or so Pakis etc walking, chanting god knows
    what in whatever lingo they use,through the centre and
    using threatening behaviour to any white yoofs they came
    across, all whilst being observed by Plod throughout.

    On arrival at the Stn. it was like going back to the Footy
    Hooligan era, Mounted, Dogs, roads blocked and the locals
    (me) being moved on uncerimoniously, I heard no noise
    from the EDL, all I could hear were the hundreds of Pakis
    trying to stir them into action.

    Off back to Sains. for the car, road blocked off to allow
    (I counted them) 2 BMW, 3 Transit, 1 Video, 3 Buses(EDL)
    3 Transit, 1 Video and 4 BMW, all with Blues n Twos on.
    Bus pass. sitting quiet inbetween about 10-15 Plod per

    God knows where they took them, to be honest I don't
    really care(not an EDL supp.) but I do care about letting
    the Pakis do what they fucking like in OUR Towns.
    I am so pissed off, I might join the EDL.

    The Town in question is Dewsbury............discuss?
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'the pakis'???

    the 70s called, they said they want you back.
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  3. Yawn - You are a cunt.
  4. You're from Dewsbury? Haven't you got any fat, ugly kids you should be hiding under your bed you inbred cunt?
  5. No fat kids, dear heart but two big enough to rip YOU apart.
  6. Maybe the EDL were penned in for their own safety? You know what it's like when Burberry and Stella mix.

    Or maybe perhaps if the 'pakis' were to be penned in it would be classed as racist because pigs go in pens, and the majority of 'pakis' don't like pigs or any of the meaty goods that come from said animal.
  7. Shame you weren't there selling newspapers.
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  8. That's true, I'm about the same size as he was.
  9. So you are not denying the fact that you have kids hidden under your bed, just confirming that they are big kids?
  10. True, yes they are big kids, ring any bells?
  11. But you have had sex with them, haven't you?
  12. So you have kids under your bed and you talk about bell ringing. Are you a priest? ;)
  13. Of course, how else would I continue the Family line?
  14. No, a Father!
  15. The EDL are wankers of the highest order and penning them up is just about what I'd expect the police to do. I pay my taxes and I'd expect the police to take precautions against violent disorder. As the EDL have a track record in violent disorder then the Police have got it right. I have no love for the miltiant muslim but at least the militant muslim doesn't claim to do what he does in my name. The EDL are small minded cnuts who have more in common with the suicide vest wearing types than they do with me.

    Queue Stacker 1 who will turn up shortly to explain that the EDL are nothing to do with the BNP (despite sharing a lot of members in common), he is not a member of either organisation and that the BNP/EDL types are mostly fluffy bunny huggers who are kind to children (white ones anyway).
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