Is this right or wrong?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Is Kenneth clark sending the wrong messages or is he right stating we should lock up less criminals?

    "Mr Clarke said that changing sentencing policy could save large amounts of money, rather than “just salami slicing” other areas of the Ministry of Justice’s budget. He denied the Coalition should be “soft on sentencing, it’s to be sensible on sentencing”.
  2. Of course he is sending out the wrong bloody message, jesus christ i could launch into a rant but you have heard it all before.
  3. Lock up less criminals as long as the punishment is as severe or is a suitable alternative and deterrent. The birch springs to mind as one alternative as does reparation in some form. But Hanging people is cost effective and efficient plus frees up much needed prison space.
  4. After reading many threads on arrse in ref to taking a similar US approach to tougher prisons would it benefit our system here & would the Government consider toughening it up? (IMO it would certainly send out the right messages)

    It has been said for such a long time that our prison system is basically a joke will this coaltion take any notice of the public on this issue?

    Judging by Mr Clarke's approach they have some way to go yet?
  5. Prisoners should be put into big f-off factory prisons, producing things at state-subsidised prices, enabling us to undercut off-shore production of similar items.

    Whilst there they should be run fecking ragged to start with, then developed an rehabilitated a bit before being given something to be proud of and a bit of faith in themselves and desire to go forth and actively do better. Unfortunately this will only have a positive impact on about 55 of them so all of the others should just go round to the front gates and turn themselves in again...

    Cynical or experienced...sigh!
  6. That's America!
  7. Send them all to an uninhabited island with Ben Fogle as the Warden.
  8. Prison as currently organised is a total waste of time and money. It neither punishes nor rehabilitates and costs more per head than sending the inmates to Eton.

    If we want to rehabilitate people so they change their ways then we need a proper and enforced education system in the prisons, together with ways of enhancing the prisoners sense of self-worth. No cheap, granted, but at least they might not re-offend.

    If we want to punish people - we are probably on a loser. In the current climate we can't be deliberately nasty, no matter how much they deserve it.

    If we want to keep people off the street because they are a danger, then we need secure prisons with all that entails.
  9. You viscious b4stard!
  10. Never mind that, they need to start getting a grip straight away on the lenght of TIME taken & COST of public enquiries in future.

    This is also justice ministry remit. The Saville enquiry in to the Northern Ireland bloody sunday incident has taken 12, yes 12 YEARS & allegedly run up a bill of 190 MILLION. IT as absolutely STAGGERING !
  11. Totally agree, but the usual bunch of apologists & handwringers will turn up to say it wont deter people, conveniently forgetting how much the murder rate has soared in this country since it was abolished!
    Prison is there to punish criminals not coddle them, linking it with some form of production or public service makes sense, ensuring prisoners have to work to earn the right to recieve any privileges, (visits, TV, reading/writing materials, games etc) and later followed by some form of re education in some useful skill for the outside world! Any lapse or refusal to work would result in the removal of ALL privileges until they have been earnt again!
  12. My bold: So keeping prisoners safe from the public is not an issue then?


    Although I 'agree' with you in your 2nd statement, that is a different topic buddy :wink:
  13. I´m glad you put it like that. Well the prisons bill is ridiculous too, that should be reserved for dangerous individuals, the rest should be shamed & obviously tagged or branded in the community for the rest of society to be able to clearly identify who they are so that can be treated with due caution. No need to lock them away if you do that.

  14. He is sending out entirely the wrong message. We should lock up fewer criminals :D
  15. theres the mad the bad and the sad.

    nutters should not be in jail if they can;t cope with life outside put them in an assylum.

    The bad need to be in secure long term accomodation where thee eithere securly warehoused and or have to work really hard if they ever want to get out.

    The sad who are basically unemployable should be given the chance to earn there freedom by work and education achieve you get out otherwise you can rot in jail as your only be going back in again and again and again
    why waste everybody elses time with the police probabtion housing securty guards crime watch etc etc.