Is this RBL poppy seller a walt or what?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by purplegunner, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Just checking out one of my local newspapers and spotted this article. `Poppy seller veteran thrown out of supermarket after complaints from customers` . At a split second glance it would appear that this `gentleman`is a respectable `stereo typical`elderly war hero type, sporting all types of badges and medals (on right breast, can`t make out the miniatures on the left). Not taking away the valuable job the the ROC did during WW2 but this `gentleman``served`during the 60`s. He was eventually made mayor of Horwich, a small town near Bolton, Lancs then was caught out as a benefit cheat. See article,

    Am I right or not, or do you give a feck? Veteran?Of what?
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Total Non Story.
  3. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Wahhhhhhhhhhh, who cares , agree with grem on this .
  4. Well, it is the Naafi, after time!
  5. You should! What`s he doing with the cash in the collection box which are sealed! Yawn
  6. I think its a media term like everyone whos been to war is a war hero, anyone who recieved a medal has been decorated regardless if its a Gallantry award or a Campaign medal. Still non-story Wah thingy.
  7. Are you making a Criminal complaint against the man, or trying to see if he is a Walt?
    Make your mind up. Chop, chop!

    Oh BTW, what days will YOU be out collecting for the RBL?
  8. He's outraged the Daily Mail and threatened Journo's with a Walking Stick...


    Good drills!
  9. What`s the point? He`s being made to pay his benefits back at £12 a week. He`s already paid £500 so on my estimations it will take him 28 years to pay the rest back. That`ll teach him.

    There`s a vacancy for a collector at Asda now, I`ll see if I can beat you to it.
  10. Probably will beat me to ASDA fella, as I live over 5,000 miles from the place. So with your lightning fast response, I will assume that YOU will also be doing the square root of Feck All to help the RBL this year too?

    You seemed to imply he was stealing the donations in your original post. Now you raise the issue of the 18k and its repayment. Are these two issues, or a single band wagon I am supposed to leap on?
    While I grant you, the repayment of 12 notes a week is a sham, that is NOT what you implied originally.

    Now I am all for calling him out as a fraudster. However, when it is implied that even one collector for the RBL is stealing, that only serves to cast doubt on ALL IMHO
  11. Sorry didn`t know you lived so far away. I`ll send you a poppy. I`ve personally donated loads actually. And I sell wristbands for H4H. Implying is one thing,accusing something else. Whatever, I just think it`s this kind of PR the RBL could well do without.
  12. Is that why you posted it on a Forum that get's 1000's of hits daily as opposed to leaving it to fade away in some pointless Rag???
  13. Your point being???..................................
  14. You've made a lot of people aware of this story that otherwise would have had no idea...

    Me for one.

    But then I don't think it is bad PR for the Legion. Some ole chap blagged it, got caught and was then punished.

    He's now helping raise money for a good cause. Good on him I say.
  15. Hope your right! Suppose I`m a bit cynical.