Is this possible?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Eggy88, Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. Hey, I've just turned 17 and have just handed in all my application forms for the TA. So hopefully, all being well, I will be in the TA soon and go into signals. I am also currently doing my AS levels and by the time I finish my education it will be next summer. I was wondering if this was possible.. At the start of next summer, volunteering to go to Iraq or Afganistan, or wherever I'm needed, for 8 months. I've heard of TA members being mobilised for that amount of time. Will I be able to do that?
  2. Eggy, firstly dont run before you can walk, who knows you might hate all the cheap beer, and running around on exercises.

    Congrats on Going to join the TA though mate :)

    Before you can get deployed you will have to have done both your basic and trade training.

    There are oppurtunitys for our TA brethern to come and work alongside the regs. and you would be best off speaking to one of your PSI'S , or the PSAO as to if anything is available.

    As for going to iraq, Afganistan etc.... this will mostly depend on which trade you decide to become and if they are needed, but again these tours do come up frequently. So speak to your PSI's

    Good luck
  3. I would imagine they'd snap you up right away if you are fully trained as they are looking for bods alot now, and I can't see the situation out there changing all of a sudden so there is a very good chance you might be called up anyway by then, providing training and trafe training is completed and passed..
  4. Its a hard life
  5. Eggy, there is nothing wrong with the TA, but why not join the regs?
  6. Yes once your trained. You need to get your recruits course squared away as soon as you can. You then need to complete a trade course and gain driving quals, have a word with your PSI - he may be able to get most of this sorted this summer.

    Tours will last about 6 months but the total time in uniform will be about 8-9 months
  7. After reading all those replies. No you cannot get deplyed until you are 18 years of age. Plus like the man said learn to walk before you can run.
  8. When he's finished 6th form he'll be 18
  9. so does he only have a birthday once every 2 years?
  10. Although it is possible, you will first have to complete your two week basic and then get back to your unit to pass all of the ITD'S.
    the T.A is a noble choice and im sure you will get a lot out of it.
    as the others have said, you should perhaps slow down a little and see if you can adapt to life in the army. i know that with it being ta you can"put it down" but it is still a way of life while you are wearing the green kit.
    i wish you the best of luck and hope that you wear jimmy with pride.
  11. Thanks for all the useful feedback guys..

    Of course, although a little ambition never hurt anyone. I would like to be in the TA for a year and a bit to get used to army life. If I enjoy it, I would love to get out into the Middle-East or Afganistan if it's for me, which I hope and think it will be.

    Well, I'm still at school right now. I want to join the TA while I finish my education off, to get a taste of army life in the ranks. If I'm in the ranks in the TA for a year and a bit, and have served in the regulars in Iraq/Afganistan for a year in the regulars hopefully I'll have the experience I need to be a good officer. (That's just a possiblity for the future :p)

    I will get through the soldier training and the trade training first over the summer first then speak to my CO about the options for me. Thanks again for your help.
  12. This lad is far too sensible... 8O

    Have you not considered the RAF? Soft beds, tasty tucker and they sit 200 miles behind the line and send officers forward! :lol:

    Good luck with the plan, but be steady as well :wink:
  13. Mooch your getting me worried, your not the phase 2/3 everyone thought you were. In fact I think you may even be doing a supervisor course.