Is this Parachute Regiment Army boxer for real?

No, this is him. This is walting in style.

The only thing Paras need to spell is "P Coy", because they're always banging on about it.
Difference between a C130 Herc and a hedgehog?

A hedgehog has the pricks on the outside
Well women are strange creatures.
I remember when Facebook first arrived.
I started getting 'Friend' requests from a few girls who I'd known at school, but they had certainly considered me as unworthy.
All a bit suspicious at first.

I met up with one and she was unbelievably keen.
We got on ok chatting, as I would do any other woman.
But it just felt so odd when I said her name to myself.

I had two different feelings when I was with her:
One was just that she was just any other woman as normal. Nothing special. Which was true.
But another part was that she had the name of a girl who had seemed so removed from me.

Just weird how she had changed her attitude so much.
@Tyk why the dumb?
I hadn't even seen this thread, nor have I reacted to any posts, not sure what you're on about, either link it please or maybe sober up :)
I have linked it or where you too stoned to remember doing it?
He started this walting business fairly recently, in the last few months, not specifically or even primarily to impress her, but both of them have been single for a while now, and I know via SWMBO that her friend has a thing for the RAF (for some reason!) so this could have been a perfect fairytale ending. Nothing wrong with a bit of role play in the bedroom, he could be Maverick and she could be Iceman?

Can we have a few more details about having “a thing for the RAF”? Not asking for a friend.
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