Is this normal?

I've got Selection on March 10th (Monday)

But I've been talking to other people and they all seem to be going on the 11th (Tuesday). I've double checked my letter, and recieved my travel warrent. Nobody has told me about staying an extra night so I doubt thats it, So my question is should I be phoning my office about this incase its a mistake or just go on the 10th and hope its right?
Nope, it's right, they run the courses in close succession. I went the day after everyone else from my ACIO. Just to do with the number of applicants. Don't worry about it.
Good luck too mate, give your Sgt a ring asap after you pass (which you will if you work hard enough) and he'll be able to get a head start on booking you on your phase 1. I might even see you at Pirbright in May..
Don't worry the title of this thread is exactly what you will be asking the Pox Doctor in the next year or so.

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