Is this normal?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by casper145, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi there. I am in army training at the moment, and I have found a problem. When I am doing pretty much any form of physical training, about 15 minutes into the activity, my eyes start watering. This makes vision blurry and pretty much impossible to see what is happening. What I want to know is, is this normal? And if so, has anyone found any good ways on stopping it happening? Thanks in advance
  2. I guess it's not common i know a few lads that after or during pt or joining up would have all sorts of sh1t so i think its normal but it just appears in different forms. Me for example get a-typical facial pains when sleeping (not all the time but on exercise randomly) not the same as pt but fcuked all the same.)

  3. The reason I am concerned is that for my training, and the army basic (NZ Army) it involves a lot of cross-country in steep terrain, and when the old eyes get blurry it could be very dangerous...forcing me to stop for a few minutes trying to clear them, and I am trying to find any way at all to stop it from happening.
  4. Remove butt plug, carry on normal jogging. In all seriousness if it is bothering you so much it is affecting your performance a trip to the local scab lifter would be in order.
  5. if it upsets you because its "dangerous" then i suggest you get a job at mcdonalds beacuse believe it or not, the forces are dangerous :thumright:
  6. Get some running goggles :thumright:

    Edited to add:
    You could have an allergy. Washing powder (aerosolised when hot and sweaty), local crops/vegetation pollen etc... Could try taking some antihistamines before running. I'm not a doc though, so don't blame me if you're allergic to them.
  7. Is being a bellend easy for you? Or do you have to work hard at it?
  8. You sure its not just sweat from your brow getting into your eyes? Happens to me all the time.
  9. marry me ! im a moody t''t ! if you going to give me s@@t then do it properly. in what way is a reality check bellendishness? blob week?
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  11. im off work so i can send as many tantrum posts as i want and as for suffocation by snatch then thenthat is not a threat , that is heaven. gobby is someone with no mil experience that tells others what it is all about . if you dont like my fountain of all knowledge posts then dont read them. i couildnt give a monkeys really and i can abuse and be abused as this is a military site and im preparing them for the future realitys in the forces. i thank you
  12. Nice Avatar, suggest you wear an outfit like that on your first day, every provo Sgt loves a man with ambition, foresight and grit.

    Tears during training are a good thing, it will gain you merit from gormless PTI's who will assume you are giving it 150%.

    On a more serious and less happy note, you probably have a retinal tumour, which will rapidly spread to yoru frontal lobe and you'll be dead before you get to storm an embassy.

    Be sure when you go to the doctor you insert phrases like 'Ain't got time to bleed' and 'Just patch me up and send me back to my buddies at the front doc'

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  13. Do your eyes fill up at other times or just during exercise? Could be a problem with your tear ducts, might need dilating and flushing, might be the sweat, could be an allergy... get yerself off down to the quack and get it checked out, probably something simple............or horrendous as MDN suggests!
  14. or buy some swimming goggles!
  15. dinner are u a manager at macca dee's as you keep tellin' bokes to go and get a job there, are u on a recruitment drive?