Is this medal real? BFG Medal 1945-1989

BFG Medal 1945 - 1989
Does anyone know if this medal is official and can be worn with my campaign and other medals or is it just a 'jewel' that isnt recognised? This is being advertised as The Commemorative Medal to recognise those who served with British Forces Germany 1945 - 1989.
Engraved with your No. Rank, Name and the years you served BFG.
Thanks Dave
Unofficial, as far as I'm aware, therefore unable to be worn, except perhaps on the other side in civvies (???). It depends on your morals and willingness to be laughed-at. There are several threads about these similar 'non-medals'.
On the one hand I suppose they can be seen as filling a gap for service which hasn't been recognised by the powers-that-be.
On the other hand maybe they're blatent commercialism from companies cashing-in on the gullible.

I wear the ones I've been officially issued-with with pride, but I wouldn't have the cheek to buy one for myself, even if I was 'entitled' to it. Seems to smack of Waltism a bit and I think I'd feel a little ashamed on Remembrance Sunday wearing them next to some old chap who'd braved muck 'n bullets to get his official ones.
Agree there, Only managed to get 2 NI and Queens Jubilee, Missed all the wars and campaigns done a little misdemeanour which meant no LS&GC? But i am always in awe of the old fellas on parade that went through it all.
its one of those millions of buy them yourself commemorative medals that are advertised in the back of Soldier magazine, you can get medals that you can add the clasps like 'Hong Kong', 'BAOR', 'Aldershot', 'Catterick', 'Tonys Chip Shop' etc......

A bit like those crappy ones that Kuwait dished out after Gulf 1, cant wear them with real gongs and you look a prick wearing them on the right-hand side of your jacket.
The BFG Service medal is a commercially available commemorative medal manufactured by Bigbury Mint in the UK.

It has no official status, other than anyone who feels like it can buy one from Bigbury Mint for about GBP 30.00. It cannot be worn and has less credibility than a Blue Peter Badge.
But can I wear my Blue Peter badge on the right hand side of my jacket?
You can wear a Blue Peter Badge or any other badge you fancy - including those from the Bigbury Mint on the right hand side of your jacket if you wish. However, normal people only wear the medals of deceased family members.

IMHO these pretend medals should be avoided at all costs.


Filbert Fox said:
A bit like those crappy ones that Kuwait dished out after Gulf 1, cant wear them with real gongs and you look a prick wearing them on the right-hand side of your jacket.
Foxy, But the TA can wear them in Mess Kit at the WO's and Joes?
well, thats the TA for you!! I saw that bloke as well!


Kit Reviewer
I have FOUR GOLD Chichester 40k March medals, 17 football medals, 4 25k Langlauf medals and 2 elephant polo medals. Please, please, please tell me somewhere in QR's there is a para. that can be interpreted so I can wear all these bobby dazzlers on my left teet
Mind you some of the "pretend" medal like the national service one have some of the money from them donated to the british legion, commemrative medals are ok for collecting like coins, and also like coins you shouldnt admit you own any and keep them under your bed next to the porn mags.
Medals are for Heroes and Heroins (like my missus who has about 6) and some walts that think they deserve them for doing nothing.

Me however got my Nato gong for Bosnia even though i spent most of my time on the pesh. But while i worked with several operational units and didn't get recognised for doing my job i don't feel that i needed a gong to weigh me down.

I am always proud to wear mine and have no bones about it.

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