Is this man the madddest bloke in the world?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Yes - get him striaght down the nuthouse

  2. No - He is sane and fair play to him trying to make a few quid out of it

  3. Wibble - I am member of the Frank drebbin apprecaiation society where I fist goats daily

  1. Now some friends mine comment on me that I am bit bonkers.

    However this takes the p1ss

    Jack Mcmad from the school of madness

    Now I just want your opinions and the vote.

    This man is total balloon.... what do you think guys?
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Fcuking sceptics really don't surprise me one little bit.

    Wibble! Wibble! Wibble!
  3. What a class-A mentalist.

    Despite the obvious, I'd *love* to see what would happen if he were to try that in a Sandy place; he'd probably find himself being beheaded!
  4. Wasn't there a movie about something similar? I think Billy Connelly was in it..

    anyway, the judge ruled that the 'writ' was improperly served as God's address/official residence wasn't available for the proper delivery of the paperwork.

    Here I was thinking that God was going to be in big trouble as finding a lawyer in Heaven to handle the case would be next to impossible.
  5. Why not have it delivered to the Pope who is, after all, His representative on earth?
  6. medium white:
    well, Duh!.. the Pope's got diplomatic immunity.. being Head of the Vatican State and all, besides.. civil case... outside the jurisdiction of the court...

    [ disclaimer- I am not, nor have aspired to being a lawyer - I do, however, have a son who is one and have sought legal advice from him on this topic.. cost me only 6 minutes of his time at $ 650 p/hr.- the things I do for ARRSE ]
  7. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Personally I think the guy's a genius. I get the distinct impression he's doing this solely to raise awareness of the ridiculousness of the blame and claim culture.

    If he's not, and he's taking this seriously, then he's a complete mental case and I'll get my pencils up my nose!
  8. OK, first things first...

    You have a son old enough to be a lawyer right? So wtf are you doing saying "Duh"? :D

    I am not looking to sue the Pope but rather God. As the Pope represents Him then he can pass on my regards....

    Why can't i bring a Civil case against God and the Church?
  9. While I am reliably informed that civil cases have a much lower ' burden of proof' in allowing a verdict [ Ref. O.J. Simpson springs to mind - dismissed of criminal charges - but ' guilty' in civil case ] there are still basic rules that must be followed..

    God must first be proven to exist in order to be brought up on charges.. [ a debatable point by most Secular Humanists/Atheists..etc. ]or someone must step forward with proof/or 'acknowledge' that they are the legal and official representative of God - if God was an incorporated entity , one could sue the company this case.. the Catholic Church as a Corporation under the relevant laws of the USA....

    funny that no mainstream, established church or even a self-proclaimed evangelical ' missionary' type stepped up to ' defend' God against this ' blasphemy ' when the good Senator from Nebraska first approached the courts with his case [ one could argue that they had reason to believe the case wouldn't make it far enough to be a worry .. but.. given the litigious nature of the American courts.. not a guarantee ]..

    Would have been one for the Law Books and, subsequently a great Movie of the Week/ Tom Hanks Blockbuster... shades of the Scopes Monkey Trial..
  10. This bit is priceless:
  11. He doesn't have to prove god exists, as the american courts already assume he does do they not. "Do you swear you will tell etc etc . .. . so hope you God."
  12. 'Effectuated '? Oh, dear sweet English language, what are they doing to you?

    The judge ought to be disbarred simply for that one.
  13. I hate to admit it but I actually like his logic. 8O

    Although, if he is one of these that is trying to prove a point with regard to the blame and claim culture, then, well, he needs to be shot. What a pointless waste of the courts money and time, surely this would be exactly what he wants to stand against and therefore he is exactly the same as those who he is trying to pove a point to? :?
  14. I thought the church was the house of god