Is this Man Our Natural Enemy?

I was reading the Beeb story about proposed laws to make being nasty to shirtlifters a hineous crime. I wondered who would sponsor such a waste of parliamentry time.

It is a waster called Patrick Harvie.

I think this man is our natural enemy - read his bio, to me, he represents everything that is wrong with this country.

Full name: Patrick Harvie

Age: 34

Born: Dunbartonshire, March 18th 1973.

Educated: Dumbarton Academy, Manchester Metropolitan University

Previous Employment: Lanarkshire Development Worker (previously Youth Worker), Gay Men’s Services, PHACE Scotland (1997-2003)

Political career: Scrap Section 28 Campaign (2000-2001); Convenor, West of Scotland Lesbian & Gay Forum (2001-2); Scottish Greens’ Social Inclusion Speaker (2001-2); Scottish Greens’ Justice Speaker (2002-3); Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War (2002-3); Glasgow Green Party Convenor (2003); MSP for the Glasgow Region (2003-7).

I have been interested in politics for many years, and (nevertheless?) joined the Labour Party while at university in Manchester. I had hoped at the time that the abandonment of some of the dogma associated with “old Labour” would lead to a more modern form of social radicalism. How quickly I was disappointed. I let my membership lapse after the first year.

The Section 28 debate in Scotland re-politicised me. I was appalled at the level of bigotry displayed, and by the eagerness with which ignorance and intolerance were promoted by certain sections of our media. I was working to support lesbian, gay and bisexual young people at the time, and many of them shared my feeling that our community had come under attack. The success of the campaign for repeal was a moment we could be proud of. By the time the dust settled I had already joined the Scottish Green Party.

Since then I have contributed to the work of the Party in a voluntary capacity, and if you follow the Green Party link at the top of the page you can read more about this.

My strongest political interests currently include equality, peace, sustainable development, food culture, media & technology. In my spare time I make an effort to enjoy the ever-increasing range of Scottish real ales. I also enjoy cinema, music, reading and cooking. I’m a Linux user at home, and more recently at work, and I’ve become more deeply interested in the issues of free media in an electronic age.

I’m a member and/or financial supporter of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the Equality Network, Stonewall Scotland, Amnesty International, Unison and the Campaign Against the Arms Trade. I’m also a patron of Parents’ Enquiry Scotland.
At least he likes real ale.


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Rumpelstiltskin said:
At least he likes real ale.
Of course he does. He's gay.
Rumpelstiltskin said:
At least he likes real ale.

Only Scottish ones though and as the jocks seem to prefer bucky/diamond white/brasso they can't be that good.
Can he not just shut up and pack his fudge quietly?
I care not which way consenting adults swing, its non of my business and I'm just not interested but it gets very tedious when "gays" constantly moan about how hard life is when you have a sex life that goes against nature.
If they shut up about it nobody would have the slightest interest and they would be left alone to get on with it, I find all this pro-poofter campaigning offensive.
Being a botty bandit is not natural, its not normal and its certainly not something to aspire too.
Can we not create a gay reservation in Latvia or somewhere so we can send them off to be cosy together without the rest of us having to listen to this bollox?
WilieCayote said:
Would be just perfect to get sat next to him on a 5 Hr flight!!

He just opitimizes EVERYTHING I want in a person: especially if he slaps his meaty dripping cock around my face all through the flight
Hootch said:
IPrevious Employment: Lanarkshire Development Worker (previously Youth Worker), Gay Men’s Services, PHACE Scotland (1997-2003)

I wonder why was attracted to youth work and also why did he give it up?

Remember the ancient Cambodian proverb:
"If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, squeaks like a rat and is gnawing away at your house like a rat, it may well be a rat!"


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.338lapua_magnum said:
Another bl**dy oxygen thief. Send him south.
Fcuk off, we don't want him. You can keep him.

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