Is this man a walt?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Phoenix_Rising, May 16, 2006.

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  1. The more i have read on Arrse about walts the more it got me thinking about an adult who used to help with my CCF. Before you shoot me down with abuse i would like your well informed view if this guy is a walt. He said he was a brigadier, and that he had originally been in the RA before going to Intelligence. He claimed he had been out to Iraq with bodyguards who had been shot and killed for him, but also was an adviser in Columbia. Always had loads of military gear from his home in thailand. I will only post this stuff for now to see what you think, but there is more to the story but first off want to hear your view on this.

    Cheers, P_R
  2. Who were the bodyguards, if there were brits, then they would be on the KIA list?
  3. Was his name Gary Glitter??
  4. The main library in the area should have a copy of the Retired Officers' List - which lists those who are in receipt of a pension. Make certain you have his full name before you go looking - unless it is an unusual name.

    If he isn't listed, he could still be serving (see the Army List in the same place), or he might have served in another army. Most other armies have similar lists.

  5. The reason i ask is that apprently this guy had never been in the forces, and was only pretending to be so he could help out with cadet forces and "groom" young boys with gifts etc, so the Gary glitter comment may not have been far off. He also claimed to not be part of Army anymore, but still serving but wouldn't say in what capacity.
  6. There are more contradictions in there than I can shake a stick at!

    Lots of people get involved with organisations like the Cadets for many different reasons, and despite all the adverse publicity, these organisations are manned by people who have the best interests of the Cadets at heart. The problem is that the adverse publicity frightens away many other people who might be willing to help run them, because they don't want to be placed in a position where they could be accused of something. No adults - no cadets.........

    Lots of people are generous with both their time and their money. Lots of people aren't. Just because this guy is, doesn't make him like Gary Glitter.

    Lots of ex-soldiers will not willingly tell you what they have done, because of concerns over their personal security. It isn't an issue. A "bore" is someone who does tell you, over and over and over again. A "walt" will have you believe that they have single-handedly won every war since Aden - and have the medals!

    I attended a function last week that was stuffed full of senior officers. All of them retired and all of them still "serving". What is wrong with that?

    If you are concerned, speak to your OC or one of the Seniors.

  7. Cheers, Litotes. Was just trying to clear something up that has been bugging me for some time, the man in question is an utter legend, and these allegations going around have pissed many off who have known him. Just wanted an Arrse view so cheers.
  8. So if he's a Walt and a nonce does that make a Nalt or a Wonce?
  9. Found out for sure now. He wasn't in army but in fact it was an honary rank for services or some such. However he has also been charged as a sex offender for "grooming" young boys.
  10. ask him to give you one! that'll expose him. dress in a school uniform just to be sure.
  11. Tend to agree, not in the whole of my illustrious career did I hear of a complete Walt being given an honourary rank of that status..............whoops, oh yeah, hang on........George 'W' Bush, Commander-In-Chief of that other lot maybe ? A young boy grooming 'legend' without any service at all........given a Brigadier's standing, sorry matey I smell a field off in the distance that I fell strangely drawn to, and it smells of Bull Shite !
  12. And was he given honorary military rank for grooming children?

    The plot thickens.....
  13. I have heard of people getting honourary rank in the the Thai armed forces, from what I'd heard it was actually possible to purchase an honourary appointment. Since you mention that he lived there it's possible that he was a 'brigadier' there rather than in the British forces.
  14. As opposed to "honorary" rank, could it be that he had "equivalent" rank. Ex Property Services Agency (PSA) perhaps?