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Is this low level int gathering??

Saw this today.... for some reasons the Iranians have a forum.... in English...... with titles such as Middle East Strategic Issues.......Global Military......


Is this a waaah? or some sort of really pants ploy?

If it's not a wah it smells fishier than a fishwive's knickers after the boats've come home!


Looks as if some students in the US of A have a bit of time on their hands, and want to stir things up a bit.

Frankly, I'd steer well clear. On the other hand, they did have some moderately good pics of birds in uniform.
Aye I did hear of it when someone posted pictures from the women in uniform bit on another forum..... Chinese women all seem to have very pert breats! 8)

I do hope, like you say that this is some kids in the US messing about. Otherwise it's so stupid it could work.


Older_by_the_day said:
Otherwise it's so stupid it could work.
Using a little reverse psychology, it might be a real effort by the spams to up the ante.

Let's face it, they've done some pretty odd things in the past in their quest for humint.

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