Is this Legs ours?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Addenuf, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Looking over the MoD Oracle forum, I came across this:
    I've seen 'Legs' on here, and I'm curious. Is this the same person? Is our Legs having a sex change?

    Opinions please

  2. steady...

    Ready, Aim, Fire!
  3. I don't know. In the same thread I found this:

    and this:

  4. And look - there's more.

  5. You appear to be quite transfixed with this 'Legs' Addenuf. Is this a yearning of yours?
  6. At least LEGS as the balls to come on ARRSE :twisted: I dont mind when she a legs like her avatar :D
  7. I would imagine that the answer is yes - due to the fact that "legs" signature block has now changed to say something along the lines of
    "yes it is me - the rumours are true - Problem?"
  8. I don't have a thing for Legs. I've never met him/her/whatever. Fair play though, I bet there is some $hit flying around at his/her unit.

    Does anyone know Legs? Anyone serve at the same unit? There can't be many guys becoming gals in the army! What do you think of this?
  9. I sence a legs fetish....and not a good one.

  10. Who gives a flying fcuk? Good luck to him/her. :?

    You seem obsessed with this. :yawn:
  11. If your reading this thread legs beware THERES A STALKER about. Do you IMMAC them they look great :D
  12. OK, now I'm looking over my shoulder, and noticing that the hedge across the road is twitching - Is that you in there Addenuf? What's the problem?
  13. I went back to the link mentioned here, the person that the SCUM is on about is still presenting a programme on Discovery channel on weaponry in a male guise.