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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 280brooklands, Dec 10, 2002.

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  1. Whilst proceeding through Javelin barracks a few weeks ago an unidentified individual jumped from behind a tree trying to stop my car. I just ignored this obvious lunatic and went home. A friend of mine then told me he had been stopped by this madman to be informed he had been driving too fast. There are a few points I would like to clarify. Lets call my friend Cpl Zandbelow.

    Cpl Z was not shown any indication of speed on the camera the gentleman was using.
    The man in question could not prove he was in any way trained to use a speed gun.
    He could also not prove the gun had been calibrated.
    He did not indentify himself at all with MOD 90 or as any sort of law enforcement officer.
    There was no warning that a man in DPM was going to leap into the road on that dark Elmpt morning.

    Does anyone know if this is legal? Am I within my rights to run this man over and do everyone a favour?
  2. it is illegal to carry out a speed check without luminous vests on, it is also illegal to jump out from behind a tree with a speed gun, the speed guns are not calibrated as i have on several occasions had to carry out these daunting tasks, however the black speed camera`s that are usually hidden behind the bunker by 280 sqn are calibrated. check SOBAGS and JSP 341. 8)
  3. Brooklands I have witnessed said nosher and am aware of his work as are most people on Javeli Barracks, another example of an individual who obviously failed at trade and has decided to make others people lives a misery.
    To the MTO in question why not speak to your wife and develop a home life as you obviously havent been laid for a long time.
    Brooklands I will join you in the running over of this man or woman
  4. Looks like another LE just out trying to justify his/her existance.  I wish I had the time to hide behind bushes, what a luxury that would be.......!!

    Those of us with proper jobs would love the time to idly stand around whiling away those boring hours.  Oh well I suppose he/she can spend his/her NAAFI breaks and sports afternoons to come up with some other barking scheme......NAAFI break......sports afternoon.....what are those I wonder!!

  5. Whilst we are talking about this man or woman was he or she the genius that came up with the idea of them stupid F%&King speed ramps near the guardroom and one near the gates as well?
  6. Scratman...he was, the bloke is a nightmare, he loves his speed gun but he is posted soon  ::)
  7. That means we don't have long to rid the world of his filthy presence.  100 Euro to the person who manages to run him down.

  8. Have been on the receiving end myself and I have to report that this behaviour is contageous and now all number of sad individuals are self-appointing themselves as traffic cops - they're obsessed.

    Only last week, while driving home at a snails pace through Wildenrath, I was angrily gesticulated at by a baldy-headed a**hole who was clearly trying to tell me to slow down.  After giving him the two fingered salute I half expected him to chase down the road after me like something out of Benny Hill.  In the spirit of complete hypochracy, only today when I was out walking my dog he sped past me in his car like Sterling Moss - naturally I gave him 'slow down' gesture as he screeched round the corner on two wheels.

    What is the matter with these people? ???
  9. As always it seems its one rule for one..... and another rule for everyone else.

    it is so bl**dy british army!! ::)
  10. I think he does a bloody good job.  Keep your speed down you fools.
  11. I do believe thats the job of the trusty R.M.P'S that are based on this camp, not the job of other people that think there one.

    They can't do anything unless your friendly R.M.P gets you by using there trusty speed camera thats built into there astra estate, so remember if you see it parked up slow down it gets you either direction your going!!
    Modern technology isn't it good.
  12. Ah, Elmpt, I left there 18 months ago. Just after the Army took over, the speed gun was in force then. Guided by the trusted hand of the RP sergeant. We took great joy in waving too him as we drove past well within the speed limit, we parked at the mess and carried out a few unjust alterations to his bunk.

    This happened on several occasions. He continued to use the speed gun until the Adjt and RSM had gone past, then doubled back to his room to witness the carnage. On one occasion one of the lads (Mick you will remain nameless) got some of those POLICE AWARE stickers that they put on abandoned cars. And plastered his car with them. He didnt see the funny side, we did!!

    Glad to know the gun is still on the run.

    Its payback time lads, use your imagination.
  13. If someone does run down this individual, can they please reverse, to make sure the job is well and truly finished. :twisted:
  14. run him over

    enough said
  15. Ahhh, Army Hypocrisy, don't you love it?

    When at a certain sandy airport east of Suez, we were told to report anyone we saw speeding and not wearing seatbelts or headwear while driving round for action by the Sqn OC. After the QM was reported 3 times in 2 days they quietly gave up on the idea :lol: