Is this Legal( more kit on ebay that shouldnt be)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pug27, May 28, 2006.

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    Yeah, that's an indicator, he's got to be still in the Royal Signals then ... :D :D :D

    ... probably an instructor at Blandford ? :oops: :D
  2. The SMIS?
  3. Yeah, but instead of biting your face it'll blow up your windows and nick your girlfriend.

    Curse you, Hereford!
  4. Only if it's fallen off a house roof, landed on it's head then died.
  5. A fecking DMU, what's the point? The current highest bidder seems to have a sas and landrover fixation. It's about as restricted as a 353 and the rest of them, can probably be bought on the open market.. ? It would be interesting to see if this guy could get hold of a brick for it.

    Half the manuals flying around on there have got to be restricted at least. Oh well, it gives the monkies something to do on quiet days.
  6. Just looked and quite a few bowman bits on there at the mo
    even saw complete prr setup on there couple of weeks ago
  7. I know i might be going back in to the "old days" here, but is that not the type of kit we were meant to destroy along with buring the code books/ cei / batco and so on in the not so cool event the bad guys were about to capture us etc?
  8. "Old days"? In the "old days," the CEI was called "DFC_RANTS" :D
  9. Just typed 'Bowman' into Ebay and got this. :eek:

    Well, you tell me.

    Edited to add:

    A PRR!! A bloody PRR! How in the name of hell do they expect to get away with this?!
  10. Both the clansman items are available on the surplus market, they're not exactly two-a-penny but aren't as rare as your man is letting on either.
    The distinctive sound of 353 talking to 353 in the green is now fairly common on 6M.

    PRRs have been available to purchace since before anyone in green ever got to play with one. Straight out the backdoor of the factory and, I suspect, probably individual items or batches which have failed QC.
  11. If these muppets want to try and sell this sh1t on ebay, they'll be getting a one way sweaty briefing from the men in suits who aren't really there. They'll outbid anyone on ebay for any equipment thats likely to aid terrorists in getting our comsec. This guy obviously doesn't value freedom and the ability to walk
  12. You'll probably find some of the stuff available from this mob a giggle.
    Combat Radio

    All quite legal and above board, well selling it is anyway.. Using some of it now.....

    Edit. Or, for further larks try Army Radio where, amongst the other odds and sods you'll find a few more '319 EMU's some of which are still attatched to the 319. And you'll get a fivers change from a grand too....