Is this John Pierce? (European Paratroopers)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by honor_roll_flapjack, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. No cant say that I do
  2. Yes it're point is?????
  3. #####The first link...European, all you wingless wonders can now do a Military Jump Course & be Qualified for your wings...........Or rather! What a bunch of Con Merchants!

    The second link is from a newspaper cutting dated May 2008..........Its old Hat! been done to death!
  4. Juuuuust out of reach....

    But no seriously, it annoyed me for most of the afternoon that he looked familiar so wanted a second opinion after trawling through half of the wiki. To the guy above, no, I can't actually remember. I started on Arrse this morning then ended up following links and threads from "the baron's" legal threat through to the League of Frontier-wotsits, then something about medals, gentleman's clubs, and evidently onto jumping out of planes. But since I'm no longer at the same computer I can't check my browsing history to give you the whole, long, dull and pointless explanation of what I spent my day-off doing. Sorry to disappoint.
  5. Only 8 posts since 2006?
  6. Your point is....? ;)

    If you care enough to check my posting history, you'll see I was SOL with regard to Army recruitment. I therefore took advice and investigated the ACF. And whilst I've hung around the site ever since, I've read enough to not wish to trumpet that fact and join in the banter. Until today, where curiosity got the better of me.
  7. That you're a shit stirring arsewipe with quite a few low count IDs who is constantly trying to ID people on this site.
  8. Don't hold back, tell me what you really think....

    ... but no, I'm afraid I've got to disappoint once again. If an admin wants to waste their time doing a sockpuppet check, go ahead, I'll resume lurk mode safe in the knowledge that I've remembered exactly why I chose not to continue posting here after the first time.
  9. That you're a shit stirring arsewipe.
  10. Don't think it is him