Is this it!!

Are you telling me there is absolutely nothing going on in this glorious Corps at the moment!!!

Come on, lets have some threads started. Banter, Slagging off, News, Anything!!!
Yup, it's guys are boring. At least I had the sense to trade in my light-blue beret.
What did you trade it in for?

And is it really better?

Come on, the truth not some face saving remarks,if it is really better then more power to your elbow.
There has been some movement on the "other" site, the AAC has been hanging out it's dirty washing again.


Couldn't agree with you more Sloppy Link, its very rare that you see the Crabs engaged in the sort of ill informed, crap that is being posted on pprune by people who should know better.  The following is a great put down to them though so well done 'A Grey Man':

Guys and Girls,

Please do all those people a favour that are working their butts of fielding this awesome capability. It is all to do with priorities and maybe Airshows ain't one of them yet. If you are in any doubt about 'rumour control' or crew room gossip, then look in the Middle Wallop directory and phone the desk that is responsible for the issue etc. DAAvn, JHC, 651 and AHTU should all give you sensible answers.

Please do it before posting on PPRUNE as some of you look extremely naive. Some of you need a good kick up the butts as you are expecting to be spoon fed everything. Read around the subject, surf the net, phone a mate on the programme, phone a shiney bum who is working on an aspect of the project.....anything if it prevents you from engaging gob/fingers before brain.

It'll work, but just like Sopwith Pup, Lancaster, Harrier, Eurofighter, Chinook HC3 it will all take a bit of time. Only take risks and cut corners when Atilla the Hun is bearing down. When the capability is declared, lets make sure that we are in a position to fight it and not just fly it around LFA 1A!

Can I hand the soap box over to someone else!
Yes, I enjoyed reading that too.   Interestingly, the Grey Man is just that.....who the hell is he?   Why have we not had some of his obvious wisdom in the past?   Does he know about here?   Too many questions, he would only say ICATQ anyway!
I am in said place and also would like to know what is going on................has the WO, 3 been spreading good news again
I heard that Murph has lost some weight, that can't be true!! ;D

I heard that helmut visorcover was off to shawbury, now that surely can't be true!! ;D

I heard that Darl FM (SAMA) has settled in well @ MW, now that can't be true!! ;D

I heard that DK of LX 1/5 (sacsa) status, was going on a Quiche conversion, that is true!! ;D

I heard that weatherballon will cause a massive CofG problem when he arrives @Shawbury, that probably is true!! ;D

I heard that 655 Sqn Can't fight, that's 100% true, including the DSQHI (Shrek)!! ;D
Leave is very nice thankyou

no gossip (yawn)

almost looking forward to the !st..........

SQN, SQN 'Shun............!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah leave's good but i need to get back to the regt to dry out.... my liver is in shit state and i've still got 2 weeks left and a wedding!!!!

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