Is this guy for real?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bolo-Driller, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Now Im as bored of the walt threads as the rest of you but after what I saw on Sunday I need something confirming cos it really stunned me...

    I was stood watching my old mates in the TA parade down the street towards the war memorial, followed by the old boys in their suits and was about to turn away to head into the Church when something caught my eye coming down the street in between the Girl Guides and the St Johns ambulance people. A guy I knew, I had signed him up at the Gym. I had heard he was a bit of a fantasist but what he was doing made my jaw hit the deck.

    He was proudly marching (wobbling) along on the rememberance parade in full desert kit, Para Reg beret and belt with his wings up and a Lt rank slide. The fact that his gut covered his shiny belt buckle just added to his ridiculous standards of drill . Also well spotted by some of the TA guys was that he had the old pegasus badge instead of the 16 AA one.

    Now, why was this cnut, if genuine, marching with the Girl Guides and not with the troops? Why was he wearing desert kit when the Paras got back ages ago? Why was he telling me he played Rugby for the Army and been in since 2006? He got all sheepish and made a sharp exit while I was quizzing him about the sandy tour he had just finished without answering the question.

    This same bloke was the mascot at a Premiership Rugby team then proceeded to tell everyone he was actually in the team.

    He also got a job as a fitness instructor a few years back by producing some highly dubious certificates and telling my mates mum he had been called up to England and was going on tour to NZ!!

    This dudes a cnut, please can someone in the Parachute Regiment confirm you have not started taking fat, crazy, loons into your regiment as commissioned men?!!
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Hoorah! Another walt thread, just what we need.
  3. After hibernation they all seem to be coming out ready for a parade all of a sudden.
    May be we should have a Walt season shoot on the go?
  4. All I wanna know is if this guy is a serving Officer or not? Im as bored as you on the whole "a man in the pub said he was on the balcony" horseshiite.

    However a bloke cutting about in desert kit on a remembrance parade and shaking hands with supporting members of the public?
  5. If this carries on the outrage bus 'll need a service soon
  6. TA? No
    BNP? No
    Sheds? No
    Bizarre sexual activity with some gorgeous blond whilst bladdered in Amsterdam? No

    I'm out.
  7. Do you know his name? Check to see if he's been Gazzetted and if not, high chance he's a walt...
  8. I guess you could have challenged him there and then to satisfy your doubt especially if you had some link to him?
  9. Yeah I know his name, looking at the link though I have no clue as to how to use that site!
  10. PM me his name and I will do it for you.
  11. You are The Kurgen and I claim my £5.
  12. As stated he made a sharp exit as soon as I got past " So when the fcuk did you join the Parachute Regiment?!"
  13. Checked the name BD sent me via PM,

    Last time anyone of that name was Gazzeted was as a "temp.2nd Lt." in 1917....
  14. Cheers fella

  15. I think that that answers your question then- the man is a walting cnut.