Is this guy all hes cracked up to be?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Snoooorer, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. I'll be upfront: I'm not a soldier, I'm a mountaineer.

    But I've come across this guy in the press a bit, and I'm curious.

    Couple of things struck me as a bit odd. He claims, straight away, to have been in the Special Forces. Yet looking at his biography, it would appear he made it in at the age of 20. Which struck me as quite young.

    Also, it says "Bear spent three years with the British Special Air Service (21 SAS)". Isn't this the TA bit?

    Lastly, I think in one of his books he says he opted not to become an officer (he's the son of a Tory MP incidentally) because he wanted to experience the real army or something. But can you join the SAS as an officer at the age of 20? I met an ex-SAS NCO, and he didn't strike me as the kind of guy who would go into battle with 20-year-olds.

    Grylls claims to have endured 90 days of extreme weather in order to have climbed Everest. Did he get lost?
    And he claims to be the youngest Briton to have climbed it at 23. I find a 23-year-old SAS guy climbing it a bit unimpressive compared to the 70-year-old retired Japanese ski instructor who did it. Perhaps I'm too cynical though.
  2. Had a quick look at his website. I've no idea about the SAS and 'real army' stuff...

    But spending 90 days climbing Everest isn't unbelievable or a sign of incompetence. Lots of people do it as a 10-week trip. He might have decided to spend a little extra time ensuring he was fully acclimatised or perhaps the May weather window came a little late the year he climbed it.

    I know the whole tone of his website is very me me me and quite self promotional. But the guy wants to go on expeditions. One way to pay for them is to write books and give lectures - the only way to sell copies and attract punters to his talks is to promote himself.

    Also, he seems to raise a few quid for charity on these expeditions so well done him...

  3. wasn't he mentioned in soldier mag a few years back?

    also in a few well respected broadsheets if I remember
  4. Not sure if he was in the SAS or not - if the ages are right chances are he had his accident during training or something and he'd have been considered very young. But, he certainly seems to have been in the army in some capacity (albeit breifly) and done a lot with his life. He was in the the press, seems to have overcome some hardships, has got a mean marketing machine going and continues to lead a life of adventure, and has climbed Everest, ffs. So good on him.

    Not quite sure of your point snoooorer. Are you jealous?
  5. No. But I've met two long-serving ex-SAS NCOs on different occassions. One wouldn't even tell people he was in it, including me (somebody else told me another time). The other didn't hide it, but didn't shout about it. Between them, they had more than 20 years in the SAS.

    In quite a lot of ways, this guy just doesn't seem like them - at all. It just makes me a bit sceptical.

    As for the climbing bit. I know enough about mountaineering to know that a 23-year-old climbing Everest is not a big deal. A 15-year-old is. A 70-year-old is. But being "The Youngest Briton to Climb Everest" sounds, to non-mountaineers, like some huge achievement. To experienced mountaineers it sounds like someone who was lucky enough to have the money to try something that most 23-year-olds don't get a shot at. In fact, it's probably easier at 23 than at any other age.

    So I just wondered how he's regarded in the armed forces - which I don't know much about. Also wondered if he was really in the SAS. There was something about the two two guys that I'd met which 20-year-olds just don't really have.
  6. Thought I recognised the name. This is the chappie who is in the new drugs itd vid , the claims on his webby are also narrated in the video.
  7. A bit of a smug git, lived on a barge with a pretty wife who has also got a dodgy name! Bought himself a small island a few years ago.
    Father, now dead, was a bent Tory knight - got caught up in some scandal or other but largely got away with it. Both parents were heavily into 'NSA' the pyramid marketing rip off merchants - Mother makes a fortune through the efforts of others, flooging crap water filters and energy pills! I met them both at a 'recruiting' session in the Irish Guards Officers' Mess, Chelsea Bks, some years ago.
  8. Thats called experience. I've worked with "junior jedi" sas blokes and some of them are a lot younger than you might think. 20-21 year old is very young though, maybe it's a TA thing?

    He does use it as a publicity stunt, and can in no way be compared to your mates.

    No doubt the bloke is a smart arrse with a stupid name and a great PR machine - but I'm still standing by giving him some credit, he's done well for himself, young or not. Well done, that smart arrse.
  9. Thought he recieved trauma to the spine after a parachute failure or something! it meant he'd never be able to walk again. He climbed Everest becasue he wanted to prove them (the medical profession) wrong.

    Think his book is called "into thin air" Not sure about the mountaineering bit or the SAS part, but the book is a huge pile of self congratulation. Then again if I was told id never walk again and made it up Everest within two years Id be quite smug too!
  10. That may be all and well, you know SAS, Everest blah blah blah

    But the cnut can't shape a beret


    Joking aside, I had a read and didn't find it too "look at me", yeah there is a bit of sumgness but his biog is probably written by a PR team.

    I would reserve judment till I met the man
  11. Who's that cnut on the right with the John Lewis Lamp shade on his swede?
  12. Ah "La Kepi Blanc" the king of titfers! :lol:

    The SAS stuff sounds just about do-able, IF you have the right connections. If he is only half the man he appears to be, he is surely twice the average man of his age. :? :lol:
  13. This is one of his escapades.

    Made an honorary Lt Cdr by all accounts. I think he's genuine. If he isn't, he's fooled a good mate of mine who usually spots wasters a mile off.
  14. Agreed, Dzerzhinski. His website is a puff for his business, and he'd be a fool not to make the most of his achievements. Best of luck to him.

    Can't help thinking he's the sort of tool to be avoided, though...