Is this guy a grade 1 Clampit or what?

Kelly Monaco is a poor misguided girl and needs a good spanking for her naughty thoughts. The guy in the vid needs a knock on the door from a couple of the boys........Shovel recce anyone?
Got to love do-gooders!
All this peace and harmony and they have to result to calling marines that were killed in action "pukes" so much for the good human.
Maybe if these types actually knew what was really going off in the world than claiming the US/UK go over there to kill innocent babies and people.
Maybe if we sent these types over there to talk to the insurgents and reason with them :p
Basement Jaxx 'Where's your head at' springs to mind I sure they'll have mutual respect and not hack the do-gooders heads off :wink:
Winds me up so much do-gooders!
Looks like an excellent candidate for the US Senate. Won't make president though, not when he's against attacks on civilians.

Could also get a part in a remake of the Addams Family - cheap on make-up.

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