Is this guy a brit?

Not brit webbing and the guard commander is going to spastic when he pings thoes avaitors
Tommo5050 said:
Give the UN a ring and ask.
I did, it went like this

Me Hello is the the UN?
UN. Ja
Me. Oh, do you speak english?
UN. Nein
Me. Is that guy in that pic a brit?
UN. Ask anyone on ARRSE
Me, oh okay,
Advertising Agency: FCB Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Francois de Villiers
Art Director: Anthony de Klerk
Copywriter: Marius van Rensburg
Photographer: Chad Henning

south African advert apparently got this off Digg much beloved of right wing nutters
emptyeye said:
Fallschirmjager said:
That is not an issue A2 rifle. Therefore he isn't a British Soldier.
Ok, he might not be a brit, he might also be romanian navy

Who else has A1's with SUSAT?
I hope they have just taken the foresight off to make it easier to do drill with, but you never know with navy types.......
Fallschirmjager said:
chocolate_frog said:
it is a bb gun. and a fake susat.
It is definately a fake SUSAT. And when do you ever see an issue rifle without any form of numbering from the coy armourer on!
I agree, if hes a brit, it would have, so as I keep asking, if hes not british WTF is he doing with a A1 and who would stand in africa dressed as a UN a Yank helmet (as issued to some UN forces)..brit desert DPM trousers, unknown rig, UN flash on a brassard (like some french do) or as has been sugegsted, its a blag pic, a mixutre of all armys kit so its not some national specific forces
picture done in south Africa apparently
with whatever the ad agency could get hold of
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