Is this forum under political control?

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A quick search of threads indicates discussion of politics and current affairs are very controlled

I will float this as a thread

Is London lost.

In my area a growing number of immigrants are taking over. I have more hair dressers in my area catering for shall I say a niche customer base than would seem to be necessary. Just how many hairdressers for niche customers can one very small area support. I myself have to travel out of the area to a long established Italian barber to receive the kind of service and feeling of ease I require.
The old Conservative Club is being refurbished for some kind of ethnic group maybe Turkish maybe a music/cultural school for other groupings of incomers now massing in London. This fine city has been lost to the traditions and people who once lived here. The gang culture is ever present and the police station is closed locally. The plastic police presence known as community officers less than useless when given evidence of drug dealing locally.
One wonders what the politicians who represent the area are doing until you see who they are. London is lost unless all good people who want to see the way of life that existed in areas such as mine realise that continually switching between the main parties achieves nothing if they are the same.
We may not be a recently militarily defeated nation, however this matters not if the nation is replaced by others. That in my mind is a defeat by other methods.
A quick search of threads indicates discussion of politics and current affairs are very controlled

I will float this as a thread

Is London lost.

In my area a growing number of immigrants are taking over.
No, most of us just happen to think that the BNP are mouth breathing retarded cnuts.
No, but if discussion of this topic is barred (as Blair et al have tried to do) then it creates a perfect feeding ground for the true far-right and/or racist groups. There are many who feel as John evidently does that 'their' country is being swamped by immigrants, and 'we' are losing our national identity. The liberal and left-wing are quick to point out that such feelings are 'racist', and ergo those who have such thoughts are by definition racists.

No other country in the world allows it's national identity to be subsumed as we are; the French for example take legal action to protect the language; Australia, Canada, the US all have strict immigration requirements. We simply label any discussion of the subject as 'racist' and bury our heads in the sand.

Neither are the questions limited to "white" lips...
London was such a nice place until foreigners invaded, these new fangled gangs eh?

Charles Clarke, a powerful ald of 19, described as a general dealer, who refused his address, was charged at Southwark upon a warrant with violently assaulting Police-constable 51 M and Constable Chappell, employed by Mrs. Poole, the managing director of the South London Palace of Varieties, London-road. Mr. William Sergeant, the manager, watched the case on behalf of Mrs. Poole. It appeared from the evidence that on Saturday night, the 14th inst., a disturbance was created in the hall by a gang headed by the prisoner, who were throwing bottles and glasses about the gallery. Upon Chappell speaking to them the prisoner seized a broom and struck him (Chappell) a violent blow with it, felling him to the ground, where he lay in an unconscious condition. The prisoner and his companions then kicked him violently about the body. When Police-constable 51 M went to Chappell's assistance, he was also "set upon," thrown to the ground, and kicked about the head and body. The officer, owing to this treatment, was upon the sick-list for a week. Police-constable 51 M said the prisoner was the "king of a gang of youths known as the Hooligan Boys," who paid a secretary 2d. per week towards settling fines inflicted upon the members of the gang for assaults upon the police. They were fine by the secretary 2d. if they were found without a belt or a stick. Mr. Marsham remanded the accused to give the police an opportunity to arrest some of the prisoner's companions.​
Reynolds's Newspaper, 29 April 1894​
If you mean is the a general political consensus on the forum that racist cnuts are a waste of air then yes, yes there is.

Die please.
Where is the old Conservative Club in London anyway? I Googled and the first result is the Carlton Club which doesn't appear to be in the midst of changing into a Turkish dancing club.
Oh dear. I voted Labour at the last election so in a sense, it IS under political control.
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