is this for real?


It is for real (allegedly), just the Sun reported it in January.....


Why is this a problem-every rifle I have ever signed for was logged out under butt/serial number against my name-how hard can it be to ask the person signing for it what happened to it-and if he has been careless or negligent then Army Form B252 is all that is needed
My mate (and he knows who he is, and he's reading this) lost a Buccaner tail section as big as a house once. It turned up due to a paper work foul up, as I suspect this will.

I believe that a number of weapons were being looked after in a room and when the new guard bod failed to show up, the one who was  keeping a eye on the weapons went to look for him....
All character building stuff I'm sure. Of course they will be enriched by such an experience at this early stage of their careers.

What a good job that all the staff there have been perfectly reliable through the years. :twisted: