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Is This For Real?

Seriously, what is this country coming to?
Outrageous- There are too many blue hues in the artwork of that cover; the pale blue of the gentleman's jumper over the EU blue of the frame beneath is contrasted with the dark blue of the lady's clothing over a washed out purple blue tone beneath. To add insult to injury the DWP blue is YET another blue tone. It makes my eyes bleed and sadly yes- our nation's branding is confused at best.

SORT IT OUT UK. Grrrr etc.
Might I point out that the manicure on the holder of the document would lead me to believe that he's some sort of peasant and those shorts leave a lot to be desired.


Book Reviewer
I'm just surprised you found a copy in English, I mean why? Surely most people coming here that are going to be claiming benefits probably have enough trouble reading their own language never mind ours?

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